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Linnea Quigley as Denise
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Judith Roberts as Mother Superior
Charles Dierkop as Killer Santa
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Reviewed by Andrew Gold 6 / 10

A horror movie where the story is the best part. There's a first time for everything...

Silent Night, Deadly Night tells the story of a boy whose parents were killed in front of him as a child, and it was by a man dressed as Santa Claus. Not only that, the man shot the kid's dad in the head and tried to rape his mother before slitting her throat while the boy watched. He hid so he escaped, but the memory remained, even throughout Catholic school where the Mother Superior was strict and violent, saying punishment is good and all naughty children should be punished. Naturally, this messed with the kid's head, so one day when he's finally all grown up, Christmas time comes along at his job and someone has to dress up as Santa Claus. Well, who better than the kid whose parents were killed by Santa to play dress up! He then embraces being Santa Claus, a judgmental fat man who kills naughty people, and that's when the bodies start piling up.

It's a truly dark story. The movie would have been much better had they focused more on the psychological aspect as opposed to it just boiling down to "Santa is a killer. Now I'm Santa. Now I must kill!" It felt like the whole setup was wasted for an anticlimactic, soulless killing spree. Sure, there are some good kills, and there are plenty of boobs in typical '80s B-horror affair, but it failed to make an impact on anything more than a surface level. It's an enjoyable movie, it's simply a matter of greater potential not being realized.

Now this is a horror movie, not an unintentional comedy like its infamous sequel, and it's admittedly effective as one. It's refreshing when a horror movie has an actual narrative you can follow. Worth a watch if you're a horror buff or just want to watch Santa kill topless women for an hour and a half.

Reviewed by Pet_Rock 7 / 10


Second viewing- 7.5/10.

"Santa's Watching, Santa's Creeping, Now you're nodding, now you're sleeping. Were you good for mom and dad? Santa knows if you've been bad"- The best damn original song from any horror movie... ever. In my opinion, of course.

A very enjoyable flick. The kills are top notch, the acing is... passable. The setting is spooky ad the music is super duper great.

So rather Santa's raping you, strangling you with Christmas lights, or decapitating you, there's tons of Christmas bloodshed to go around.

You've Made it Through Halloween, now try and survive Christmas

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 6 / 10

I hope you haven't been naughty.

After visiting his grandfather in a mental institution, the five year-old Billy Chapman is told by him that Santa punish bad kids. On their way home they stop the car for a man dressed up in a Santa costume, but the guy shoots his father and rapes and kills his mother, while Billy watches. Years later he lives in a Catholic orphanage and still this horrific incident haunts him, but the firm mother superior wants him to overcome it with harsh results. Now Billy is an older teen working at a toy store, but when the original Santa Claus comes down ill. Billy replaces him and slowly he cracks with him wandering around the town on Christmas Eve punishing those who have been bad.

Deck the halls with bloody slaughtering, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Tis the season to be horrified, Fa la la la la, la la la la. Now this slasher knows how to spread the Christmas joy! "Silent Night, Deadly Night" is more renown for the controversy ("The movie that went to far!…") it really stirred up and if it wasn't for that aspect. Probably wouldn't have made too much of a dent in the rehashed holiday cycle featured in many slashers at the time. "Black Christmas" still remains the best of the festive season features. What kinda makes this rough item above ordinary is that it's a perverse little shocker that's grimy and mean-spirited. Obviously the makers have something against the sentiment of Christmas and the sneeringly dark humour can get wickedly uneasy. The lumbering opening half of the film really does try to development the character's fatigue state of mind, just before he goes psychotically insane. Sure, that established staple is nothing new, especially in slashers. But these moments weren't bad and are terribly exploited, but while the old practical material is given a revamp of the wonderfully jolly and family-friendly Saint Nick turning into a relentlessly whack-out killer would be every parent's nightmare. When the traumatised Santa hit's the streets for some punishing is when it falls into the conventional methods (despite it using Christmas symbols to murder his victims) and predictable hysteria. The deadpan shocks and suspense is telegraphed without much trouble and it can get laughably tacky in its senseless mayhem with a vapidly rushed conclusion. The shattering death scenes are very callous and there's an extremely seedy touch lining it. The music score is a wayward, racket of cues that only add even more to the unsettling nature. Performances range from very static (Robert Brian Wilson as the old Billy turned Santa killer), dominating (the Mother Superior played by Lilyan Chauvan) and to livingly short (the gratuitously topless Linnea Quigley chips in as a bubbly victim and a memorable Will Hare as the very scornfully nutty grandfather).

A drab, lowbrow holiday feature that's has Santa Claus coming to town in nothing more than your amusing cut and dried horror slasher with a somewhat baffling reputation.

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