Shout at the Devil


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Shout at the Devil (1976) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
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Roger Moore as Sebastian Oldsmith
Lee Marvin as Colonel Flynn O'Flynn
Ian Holm as Mohammed, O'Flynn's Mute Servant
Barbara Parkins as Rosa O'Flynn / Oldsmith
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lastliberal 8 / 10

A rollicking great action yarn (that was true!)

The first thing you notice about this film is the racist MPAA. Despite it being rated PG for war violence, there was nudity. Breasts were exposed, but they weren't those of Barbara Parkins ("Peyton Place", Valley of the Dolls, and her skintastic moment in Breakfast in Paris), but of African natives. Seems that black breasts are not taboo for children to see.

But, to the film itself. It is actually two films. The first half in 1912, has Lee Marvin (Cat Ballou, Paint Your Wagon) as a drunken ivory poacher who manages to get Roger Moore (The Spy Who Loved Me, "The Saint") to partner up with him. After Moore and Parkins (Marvin's daughter) plan to marry, there is a great fight scene reminiscent of many John Wayne pictures.

Then the film changes. World War I is declared and the Germans are on the march led by Reinhard Kolldehoff (Moon Over Parador, "The Winds of War"), a big fat German pig whose men slaughter Moore and Parkins baby, and set them on a search for revenge.

The film has plenty of action, including what I would call a paper mache bi-plane which almost takes Moore's life, and culminates in the blowing up of a German battleship that had run over Moore and Marvin earlier.

Marvin was extremely funny and Moore looked just great painted black to get on the ship. Parkins was radiant throughout, even when consumed with revenge for the murder of her baby.

Sir Ian Holm (Chariots of Fire) was also fantastic as Marvin's mute servant.

Reviewed by adam jezard 10 / 10

Shamefully treated classic

This is a splendid action/adventure of a type they just don't make any more, with excellent performances from Marvin and Moore that move from the comic to the dramatic. With rolling African scenery and a thunderous music score, not to mention Barbara Parkins as the love interest, and stunning direction by Peter (On Her Majesty's Secret Service) Hunt, this deserves to be much better known. Unfortunately it was lambasted by ignorant and ridiculous critics on both sides of the Atlantic upon its initial release, so it was re-edited and much of the more moving aspects of the film were cut out. As it stands, the video release and television versions in the UK show only about 2/3ds of the finished film. A few years ago a company called WideAppeal released a widescreen version on video, but this was some European print that contained much that had been cut from the US/UK version, but missed out instead much that the US/UK version had originally contained (much of it was also in German and undubbed or subtitled as I recall). WideAppeal must still be highly praised for releasing it on video. The British Film Institute had, when I inquired a few years ago, all of the original footage but had not got around to working on restoring the print to its original glory. I count myself lucky to have seen the original release print and feel annoyed and betrayed by the critics who savaged the film on its initial release (and the studio which reacted so swiftly to their meagre complaints) -- may you hang your heads in shame! I now only hope the BFI does its work swiftly so we can be presented with a version of the full film in all its glory.

Reviewed by de_niro_2001 6 / 10

A good film set in a little known theatre of the First World War

If C S Forester had not written The African Queen the fact that Germany once had a colonial empire would be totally unknown. This little known theatre of WW1 has been the background to The African Queen and this film as well as an episode of Young Indiana Jones. Contrary to what some commentators have said Fleischer is not meant to be based on Lettow-Vorbeck. He holds a different position, namely that of commissioner for the southern district. Lettow-Vorbeck was commander of the Schutztruppe. It is a cracking good yarn but like many people who have seen it I don't like the part where the baby gets killed. The special effects are some of the best pre-CGI effects I have seen.The editing of the film leaves a bit to be desired.Lee Marvin basically reprises Ben Rumson and Roger Moore plays James Bond as an Edwardian adventurer. As I said the special effects are good for their time but when the battleship blows up the hull remains in the same position. It doesn't sink or even list. Also, if there was a bomb right in the ship's magazine the explosion would be a lot bigger and Rosa and Sebastian would not have much chance of survival being just across on the opposite bank. But still a very good film.

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