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Shock ‘Em Dead (1991) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Traci Lords as Lindsay Roberts
Troy Donahue as Record Exec
Aldo Ray as Tony
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fatedrummer 10 / 10

the BEST!!!

I have to say, I LOVED Shock em Dead!! The acting was I expected it to be... Which was poor, but this movie has so many one liners, & is soooo much fun.

You can't help but root for poor Martin, the nerd... & to see him transform & completely become the ULTIMATE rock star is the best. I love the Audition scene after he becomes "Angel". His cockiness to ol' Johnny Crack is well deserved.

This is truly a B movie, but it reigns supreme as one of my favs!!!

It's much more fun to watch if you're in a band of your own. & especially great to watch WITH your band, at 3:00AM, on the road in a motel room, & drunk!!!!!!!!!

Reviewed by caligula255 8 / 10

An all around great movie.

I'm surprised this movie doesn't have a higher rating than it does. Horror movies about heavy metal bands are always stupid, but this one kept me entertained the whole way through. Unlike other movies like Black Roses or Hard Rock Zombies, this one was actually funny and pretty well made. Definately a good movie.

Reviewed by Nick (seif0014) 8 / 10

As cheesy as it is, this is the best movie ever!

Although one might think that this movie sucks, I can truly say it kicks ass. The only problem is that Traci Lords doesn't flash us her acting ability enough. However, the storyline makes up for it in so many ways.

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