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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s3276169 3 / 10

B without the bite.....

Shark Lake is a B grade flick without the bite found in mainstream films like Jaws.

This film relies too much on munch-able eye candy in the form of scantily clad men and women, where a proper storyline, lots of action and accompanying quality creature effects, would have taken it so much further.

The acting ranges from average through to awful. This film would have been much better, for example, without the fake English shark hunter. A clichéd characterization that would make any real Brit wince.

So is there any basis on which on recommend Shark Lake? Well, its not utterly dreadful but its action scenes are so watered down (pardon the pun), that what should have been the driving force, in a film of this kind, is mostly absent. Three out of ten from me.

Reviewed by Flow 4 / 10

Haa, what a joke!

Man I can not believe in 2015 those CGIs are still allowed to appear on screen. I do understand that sometimes you're on a tight budget, but come one, if you going to make a movie about a shark, well...these guys right here couldn't even make a decent flipper. I mean seriously, even that is pc made, which makes this movie, quite a joke.

There is a plot to it, there is an well known actor but not the star of the movie, and a quarter of execution here, as well as all the boredom you can imagine. It wanted to be a shark movie, and it failed by all means possible, and the shark... it was bad.

I mean, I'm going to recommend you Shark Night 3d, or Bait, both cheesy movies that are so bad they're fun, and of course, little baby Jaws compared to Shark Lake.


Reviewed by quincytheodore 3 / 10

Terrible Jaws wannabe with awful production and Dolph Lundgren shoehorned into it

You have to appreciate Dolph Lundgren's tenacity to make movies, he churns out robust quantity of them in last year alone. Unfortunately, in Shark Lake he seems like just a famous name slapped into the title and poster, while being almost completely isolated from the main plot. The movie itself is appealingly bad, this is the level of sloppy presentation equal to random death scene in telenovela with silly fake shark fin, which admittedly surprising to see outside cartoon.

It all goes down in a formulaic monster movie plot, if you haven't predicted it already, there's a lake and shark on it. Cue the montage of silly party girls, stupid death scenes, incompetent authority figure, but wait, it has Dolph Lundgren. However, he's more of a subplot, separated from the rest. It's almost like an average action portion glued to a monster movie.

This is pretty disappointing since the best spark the movie has is the simple family drama. No one would form connection to plastic shark, but audience may relate to Dolph Lundgren as the ex-con trying to bond with her estranged little daughter. It is the closest to sincerity on this movie, yet it occurs too little too late.

Concerning the actual threat, it's undeniably horrible. The visual is incredibly bad, using cheap editing, poor animation effect and actual fake shark fin. The corpse of mechanical Jaws rolls on its watery grave. One can even see the drop in quality when transitioning from day to night. It looks so fake that it would've worked as parody, yet the movie insists on the gritty dark look, it's a bit sad really.

Shark Lake is, by no intention of itself, a parody of Jaws. The brief appearance from Dolph Lundgren can't save it and merely serves as timid advertisement.

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