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Dallas Roberts as Charlie Crowe
Anne Dudek as Ellen
Alison Eastwood as Sophie Lacombe
Gary Grubbs as CDC Director
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cbcburns3 8 / 10

A great creepy movie

I really liked this, first thing is its not a gore/blood fest ( which is a good thing) its more a creep/freak you out movie, I watched it about 2am on my own in the dark and it freaked me out, I thought it was a cool original quite scary idea, with some great writing and ideas and some great acting, it would of been easy to make this feel cheesy and cheap but it doesn't the main character does a superb job of portraying the sceptic to believer, its a shame it has a low score which will instantly put people off this movie as recently especially in this genre it's rare to find something original and so well done, I hate to admit after watching it I actually turned the light on to go to sleep lol I can't remember the last time a movie had that effect, well worth watching just don't expect a slasher or make you jump movie it's more one that freaks you out when thinking about it, which you will do

Reviewed by alenresident 9 / 10

Shadow People decent thriller movie

Well I liked this movie. This movie is rather documentary and film based on true events type. There are many actual footage scenes.

Characters are decent and well developed. Dallas Roberts does good job at playing his characters development through the whole movie.

The main plot of the movie is rather similar to movies like "Ring". Cameraman did good job so there are no shaky camera scenes, which is rather rare today.

Also there is no gore, which is also good, cause we are all sick of watching blood splashing are unnecessary screaming in movies. This movie is not for everybody. I would recommend this movie for audience who likes thrillers based on true events and have enough time to watch it.

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