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Reviewed by Takeshi-K 6 / 10

Studio 54 in Iran

Okay that doesn't accurately sum up the entire film, but it's what I thought during the opening party scene, which begins with a sub par attempt at copying the famous Goodfellas nightclub tracking shot, complete with cliché 70s anthem - Staying Alive by (Aussie Pop kings) The Bee Gees.

I thought at first - Wow how weird. Producer/Actor Salma Hayak is doing a Studio 54 in Iran.

Anyway as the movie wears on it does improve a little in recreating the original novel. Some negatives - The actors in it are noticeably younger than the middle aged intelligentsia that the novel depicts. Thats not a criticism really - film investors want pretty people, preferably pretty young people, but it's worth noting for those that have read the book. Also it was shot with the Bourne Identity shaky cam style that is no longer in vogue. I get the sense that the camera operator was trying to infuse this film with the type of realism that the screenplay failed to inspire.

This is not Iran in the 1970s. It's a Hollywood attempt at depicting Iran in the 1970s. The book was brilliant, this movie was not. The film presented a general overview of what happened in the novel without getting into the nitty gritty the novel depicted so well; a sort of precursory glance, nothing more. The result is yet another "the book was much better" situation. This film removed the New York chapters which gave political and cultural balance to the book. I thought that was a grave error.

Reviewed by voja-dubai 9 / 10

The movie made its point

I liked the movie. In terms of screenplay, it deserves not more than 6/10. However, the story-line and acting are worth of watching it, and the point is something that every human has to be aware of. In any country, in any religion, on each continent...the social-economical moment creates the sad reality. Religion is a tool in hands of frustrated, who, during the time, have realized its power and now are using it to the fullest. Somebody needs to be blamed for their own socially poor lives, complexes and failed childhood. Unfortunately, not the ones who are to be blamed, mostly their parents, but innocent people that have nothing to do with their lives. My high grade is to make the balance. The movie deserves more that it got so far. Too many religiously colored grades I guess. This movie is not a propaganda. It's reality. People around world still get jailed or executed just for telling their opinion about religions, or abused / murdered based on their nationality / skin color/ religion. This has to stop if we want a good world for our children. Politicians have to start talking what they really think instead of what's the best for their popularity. Intelligent people must not be silent and let only the other ones to speak. Medias must start caring about the ethics instead of profits. People must turn to their families instead of abstractedly and idolatry. Life is not what media or other people tell you. Life is your family. Dedicate to it!

Reviewed by Constait90 9 / 10

Septembers of Shiraz, what a great movie.

This film expertly captures what it must be like to have your life suddenly turned around into total chaos, the hopelessness, the helplessness, and the despair..." Based on true events of the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Adrien Brody is notorious for diving deep into the most harrowing aspects of the human condition and his role as Isaac in Septembers of Shiraz is no different. , Isaac is tested physically, emotionally and spiritually; how far would you go to save your family? How would you react?

Great emotional movie.

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