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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by xerocool 1 / 10

Shameless political propaganda...

It would be an insult to call this a movie. This is plain and simple psychological brainwashing to incite public sentiment against a sovereign country, perhaps to prepare the masses for another war based on lies? Let's not forget Iraq and the lies leading up to a pointless war which has costed the lives of over one million innocent people and destroyed the lives of another 20+ million people, not to mention the huge surge in violence and terrorism throughout the region. And who benefited? The world? No. The American people? No. The Iraqi people? No. The only people who benefited are the ARMS manufacturers.

While it is your right to chose to watch or not watch, if you do, please keep in mind that this is FICTION. Go and visit Iran and see for yourself how humble, hospitable, educated and intelligent Iranian people are! Don't fall for the same tricks all over again that were used to build up negative public opinion against Iraq.

Many thanks!

Reviewed by David Ferguson 5 / 10

Persecution and Power

Greetings again from the darkness. It's 1979 in Tehran, and the Shah of Iran has recently been overthrown in favor of Ayatollah Khomeini and the shift to fundamentalist Islam. Director Wayne Blair informs us that the Hanna Weg script from Dalia Sofer's bestselling novel is "based on true events". As soon as we realize the story is about a wealthy Jewish family, we are prepared for the sure to be unpleasantness.

Adrien Brody plays Isaac, a self-made man whose jewelry business has profited through his dealings with the previous regime. His wife Farnez is played by Salma Hayek, and their beautiful home is the setting for the going-away party for their son who is headed to the United States to continue his education, leaving behind his parents and younger sister.

Ignoring his own warnings that things are getting bad, Isaac is soon arrested by the Revolutionary Guard. As Farnez tries to see him, while also keeping things together at home, Isaac is being interrogated and later tortured as he is held captive.

As in many revolutions, it comes down to rich versus poor, and those who had power versus those who now wield the big stick. Isaac and Farnez are presented as good people who have helped others … including their housekeeper played by the always interesting Shohreh Aghdashloo (House of Sand and Fog). Her loyalties begin to waver even as her son joins forces with the Guards. Why should she clean toilets while Farnez lives the high life? The scenes with Ms. Hayek and Ms. Aghdashloo are the film's best, but even those aren't strong enough given the material.

The film tries to maintain a neutral stance on religion and politics, though it's clear where the sympathies fall. The ending dedication to "all victims of persecution" gives some idea of the lack of focus here. The over-acting from Adrian Brody does distract some from the manner in which the story ends. The lesson seems to be that one is never free when focused on material things, and yet revolutions always seem to be about the power that comes with money … rather than the issues initially proclaimed. In book form, this is a terrific and personal story about the impact of the revolution. Unfortunately, on the screen, it comes across as all too familiar and lacking in danger and suspense … none of which lessens the true hardships faced by this family.

Reviewed by voja-dubai 9 / 10

The movie made its point

I liked the movie. In terms of screenplay, it deserves not more than 6/10. However, the story-line and acting are worth of watching it, and the point is something that every human has to be aware of. In any country, in any religion, on each continent...the social-economical moment creates the sad reality. Religion is a tool in hands of frustrated, who, during the time, have realized its power and now are using it to the fullest. Somebody needs to be blamed for their own socially poor lives, complexes and failed childhood. Unfortunately, not the ones who are to be blamed, mostly their parents, but innocent people that have nothing to do with their lives. My high grade is to make the balance. The movie deserves more that it got so far. Too many religiously colored grades I guess. This movie is not a propaganda. It's reality. People around world still get jailed or executed just for telling their opinion about religions, or abused / murdered based on their nationality / skin color/ religion. This has to stop if we want a good world for our children. Politicians have to start talking what they really think instead of what's the best for their popularity. Intelligent people must not be silent and let only the other ones to speak. Medias must start caring about the ethics instead of profits. People must turn to their families instead of abstractedly and idolatry. Life is not what media or other people tell you. Life is your family. Dedicate to it!

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