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Reviewed by Dejan Nicolic 2 / 10

Can not get worse than this

So this is the first review I will write for a movie that I watched. I have seen 'Seed 2' at a Saarbrucken Film Festival and could not believe that this movie could be worse than Uwe Bolls'Seed'. The story is very unoriginal and stole from other movies left and right. The acting is horrible amateur with Caroline Williams and Nik Principe as the only exceptions. Caroline Williams acting is great as always. Very sad that she and Nik Principe accepted to be in this movie. Christa Campbell overacted but looked hot like sex films. Nathalie Scheet did not do much or could not do much just like Annika Strauss. Manoush seemed bored or tired and did not try either.The camera work is amateurish and the all over look of the movie is cheap. They say here in IMDb that they had a budget 1,2 Million which in my opinion is a lie. Watch the movie and you will see they hardly spend more than 50000 on it. You can find the movie for free in torrents so you will not have to spend any money for it. Marcel Wals as I see here in the IMDb is a very young director. Hope for him that he learn to make movies because this one is a complete wrack. Can not recommend this.

Reviewed by dschmeding 1 / 10

Germany - Zero points

The first Seed Movie by Uwe Boll was already pretty bad but compared to this waste of resources even Seed 1 seems like pure genius. Everything about this movie looks like a student project. The opening scene introduces us to bad acting, bad writing and timing and starts the movie with a calculated provocative scene that immediately falls flat on its face.

After that you are basically treated to half an hour of boredom, incredibly bad acting from the female leads and dialog and a "plot" that is so blatantly ripped off a hundred other movies and re-invented in the most annoying way possible that I really wonder if many make it more than 20 minutes into this "movie". So you have a van full of bad acting chicks driving through the desert, picking up hitchhikers, meeting a bored police woman acting even worse than everyone else... and then they die. Sometimes it looks like they wanted to go for a "Hills have eyes" style... but after all its just shots of the desert and a guy in a mask killing chicks.

The camera work is mediocre (still the best about the movie), the sound mixing is off with several characters far too hard to understand, the choice of music is bad, the editing is uneven and forced, the storytelling and dialog are childish (must have been written on a bus ride or something) and even the only thing that could make this a little watchable looks cheap and unrealistic.... the FX. Usually German horror movies suck at almost everything but deliver some decent FX. Seed delivers absolutely NOTHING.

Avoid at any cost.

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