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Halston Sage as Kendall Grant
Sarah Dumont as Denise Russo
Tye Sheridan as Ben Goudy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zif ofoz 10 / 10

L m a o !

I laughed my ass off while watching this movie. I had no expectations to what I was about to experience and I'm so glad because I did enjoy it. The last crazy zombie movie I watched was 'Cooties' which is truly an off-the-wall delight and 'Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse' is right up there with it. Good show!

The synopsis states three scouts attempt to save their town from a zombie outbreak. But that's really not the plot. Their motive is to save their fellow classmates and one of the scouts sister at a rave party to which the three scouts were not invited. The scouts were given an erroneous address and they must find the real address before the zombie get to the rave first. What they go through to get the address is a laugh riot of grotesque zombie horror that is funny and goofy and perfectly timed.

Casting, acting, dialog are spot on with the spirit of the movie! Light hearted crazy zombie fun done to perfection!

Reviewed by milosprole9 10 / 10

A Hilarious New Horror-Comedy Movie !

I just finished watching it now, and I enjoyed every minute and laughed the whole movie. "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" is a brilliant zombie horror-comedy I've seen. It had much fun to watch!

I found many parts that made me laugh. The characters are interesting. The idea was just genius! They did a great jobs for the special effects and makeup.

I easily give it 10 out 10. I'll strongly recommend this movie to everyone, it might be one of the best horror movie of 2015s. If you are a fan of "Zombieland" or/and "Shaun of the Dead", maybe you'll definitely love this!

Reviewed by issachar 8 / 10

Surprisingly Good

With no expectation at all for this film. Turned out it's so much better that just another silly class B zombie clone.

And it's not just particular part, but for overall writing, directing, shooting, lighting, acting, music, etc.

The opening gives me the tense and the acting of Janitor (Blake Anderson) is really great. Other male casts are alright, but could be better. I know they need to look "scouts" but come on, these are the guys saving the world :)

The acting of Sarah Dumont is so cool and tough, very nice. And I wish to see more Halston Sage (who wouldn't?) :p

Highly recommended if you haven't watch it yet.

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