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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fox_wabvyi 4 / 10


So the movie is called "Space Soldiers", so you know what you can expect from the movie. Some sort of Space Battle with the focus on special effects. While watching the moving you will notice the movie is more based on dialogs and let me tell you those are BAD.

First thing to notice are the names. A weapon expert "Overkill", a good looking mercenary "Breathtaker", another "Mercenary girl" and they are fighting over a "Chaos Generator". My first impression was "awful", but then i notice its way easier to keep track of the names during the dialogs, if someone talks about someone called "Data Ocean" you know exactly who is meant. A nice trick but it doesn't make the movie any better. Too many clichés and flat dialogs which are not very well thought.

I can not recommend the movie, even with low expectations the movie is disappointing.

Reviewed by alexgermany-199-304201 1 / 10

Just awful

I'll make it short: This movie is nothing but awful. For my entertainment I would have been happy if this movie had just been a lower average science fiction flick since I have seen lots of movies of this genre and my expectations are rather low, but as a matter of fact this movie was plain boring, cheaply looking and a disappointment in every way. Looking at the visual effects was like a flashback into 1994 when I had fun watching the cut-scenes of "Wing Commander 3" (PC Game)... too bad for the movie it is 2013 already. This movie has a sticker on the box which states "Sci-Fi-Horror in style of Event Horizon" - This movie is another proof for the evidence that stickers like these are ALWAYS a warning notice!

Reviewed by rikard-643-159761 3 / 10

minus 10

I give 1's to very few films...maybe a total of 3 out of a couple of thousand films watched. This movie is well deserving of a 1 and possibly worse. I'm not sure what I could subtract from the already appalling reviews that have accurately described this movie. But let me also warn you that the actors slurred their words (especially the chief villain) and the audio engineering was also horrible. Be forewarned that the sets, costumes, cinematography and special effects were all equally horrible. Finally, let me say the sequencing of the plot (storytelling) was well below amateurish. I watched diligently the first half of the movie (about 45 minutes) and then started fast forwarding through sections, hoping something worthwhile would present no avail. To the reviewer here who watched it twice looking for something good, you have my respect as a true devotee...and my condolences.

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