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Reviewed by Those nights when finding a movie takes just as long as watching one. 5 / 10


Two young couples heading for a music festival find themselves in a nightmare scenario in Los Angeles after taking a day to check out some of the true crime hot spots in town. While one couple is straight laced and reserved, the other is attracted to Gothic culture and thrill seeking. Peer pressure and bad decisions lead to a nightmare scenario for all four teens. Satanic fits somewhere in between cookie cutter teen horror of the last 20 plus years and a cable television movie of the week. It isn't horrible but probably not worth watching again. If you've ran out of options and don't mind lowering your standards, this one shouldn't have you rolling your eyes too much.

Reviewed by dcarsonhagy 2 / 10

Ball of Confusion

"Satanic" is the latest movie that falls into the "dumb teenagers do dumb things and die" genre. I caught this one On Demand last evening. I am glad I at lest was able to save some money by not going to see it at the "movies."

Sarah Hyland (Haley of TVs "Modern Family") plays Chloe. She and three of her friends are on their way to Coachella, but for some stupid reason, they decide to stop off in L. A. to search for "satanic" stuff. As I have already pointed out, they manage to make one stupid decision after another until mayhem finally ensues.

I did not care for this movie at all, and it was only its production values that helped it garner a "2" rating instead of the "1" it probably deserves. I have watched horror movies for decades and know some plot twists and situations you just have to accept and move on. The trouble with "Satanic" is the viewer never really knows what's going on because NOTHING is ever explained. Because the writers never bothered to think their idea(s) through, all you get is one jumbled mess after another of scenes in a movie that goes nowhere. They did manage to give us one the most despised characters ever put on screen. I wanted him to die as soon as he opened his mouth.

The movie is rated "R" for one graphic throat cutting and language.

Reviewed by fxdx4 5 / 10

Watchable but bring nothing new to the genre

The formula is pretty much standard. You take an up and coming young starlet (Modern Family's Sarah Hyland ) and throw her in a B movie. The film gets a bump in eye balls because of her potential star power and she gets to push away her TV star image and see if she has any pull with a wider audience.

On paper it makes sense, and the quality of the movie is almost unimportant. Well, this time the product is one of the most unforgettable films you may never see, and really all the sadder because the 1st ½ of the film did have promise.

The plot is simple - 4 young college students go to LA for a tour of Satanic sites, and my pet cat can guess how it goes from there. The actors have potential, and although Hyland is the star, Steven Krueger is by far the most interesting character, playing a 'nice' jock. His story could have been much more interesting, and they simply toy with his religious nature before forgetting it ever existed.

The director does a nice job building tension (or is it just boring?), until a very sudden and particularly still conclusion. I can't decide if the sound track and back ground noise are cool or super dumb.

The real fall of this movie is that is brings nothing new or interesting to the genre. There is basically 0 explanation and logic to several of the key parts of the film. Good horror is similar to detective films where the audience gets some joy out of figuring out the meanie, and coming up with a theory of how to protect themselves were they in a similar situation. Think of it as a choose your own adventure where someone else is making the choices, and it is fun to think about how things would differ had a character made the other choice. This film robs us of that, and it is why it ultimately fails.

Hello Sarah Hyland, we see you outside your comfort zone. Acting and tension 'B', directing, plot and enjoyment 'F'.

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