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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by eltoreogran 1 / 10

What is this movie? Not scary, not entertaining but BAD and BORING!

When I watch a movie, I like to be entertained. When I watch a horror movie, I like to be scared. With "Saint Ange" I got nothing, I only got bored and mad at myself for wasting my money and time! Every person in the theater with me was also very upset. I counted maybe five people walked out, and everybody whistled in disgust when the movie ended. I think they tried to ask for their money back. I stayed because I did not want to waste my money, but now I think I should have walked out too!

What to say of the acting? Well there is no dialogue really, and the only dialogue that was there was very poor and stupid, even in translation. The actresses in this movie are usually good in other movies but they were very bad in this one, because of the terrible script, the silly dialogue and the awful director. I almost wished they were killed off in the beginning, so they would not have to go through the rest of this boring movie the way the audience was forced to.

What to say of the story? Nada! It's a big zero! It tries to copy "The Others" ("Les Otros") by Amenábar but this "Saint Ange" is just too awful it is not even worthy to compare it. With Amenábar, you get a good story, good thrills, good acting, good movie. With this Laugieri, you get nothing but a silly, boring, bad movie with nothing memorable. It is full of clichés and predictability's.

There is one scene where the director tries to scare you but it only makes you laugh. That is when you know you are watching a really bad movie: it is when you are not scared in the places you are supposed to be scared, and instead you laugh or whistle. I was not moved at all in this movie and neither will you.

I give this movie zero stars because it is really the worst movie I have seen in a very long time.

Reviewed by Monstro-38 1 / 10

Why bother?

OK, I agree with most of the comments here but really the music of Joseph Lo Duca was not so bad. It was I think the best part of this banal movie.

But for everything else? Absolute merde, as you French say. True, people here also fell asleep or walked out of the movie, which happens all the time with all the bad movies, even with 'special events' movies with the director and actors present, Italians are not shy to walk out or snore loud if they believe the movie is bad. We care of course but we are more honest about our feelings.

When this movie ended, I had to go home and watch some real movies in my DVD collection just to cleanse myself of the disaster that is called "Saint Ange" and also it seemed much much longer than it's running time. It was more like watching a 3 hour movie probably because nothing was happening in the plot and I kept looking at my watch and waiting for the finale which is also hopeless and stupid but not surprising considering the rest of this movie was just as miserable.

Reviewed by samago2786 1 / 10

God awful

Out of the awful movies I've rented over the years, I seriously can not think of one that was worse than Saint Ange. There was essentially no plot whatsoever in this film. The girl arrives and we learn she is pregnant. All fine, but then we see Anna trying to inflict a miscarriage. OK, fine again. But then, what in the world is the significance of her voyage, to what seems like hundreds of feet below ground. The underground ward is in in seemingly immaculate condition and is home to a bunch of bald children. We see Anna go into labor. OK again. Well so how is she able to get back up to the main level. Maybe there is no answer to this question but surely there should be an explanation for why she IS found back on the main level, dead, clutching her still connected child??? If the movie was not terrible enough, in the last disturbing scene, we get to see a dead Anna nursing her dead child with the dead bald children observing. If anyone has any clarifications on any of these points I would love to hear about it.

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