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Alexa PenaVega as Janie
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Richard Riehle as Dr. Hoffman
Jennifer Lyons as Jessica
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Reviewed by angiris 6 / 10

Positively surprising. Its ironic, symbolic, funny and ever so dysfunctional. It's really good.

Well. I had a positive vibe when first putting this on and I gotta say. I'm positively intrigued by this movie.

We got 2 roomies, living together and trying to change one another frequently. Critiquing one another, thinking one knows better than the other and it makes for wonderful entertainment, good replay value and all together a nice fun to watch.

The acting is okay, as the film highlights itself: "Lead character says: I believe in clichés" this film is certainly that, but not so in a bad way. Which to me is a breath of fresh air considering a lot of garbage I've seen lately.

However this doesn't fall in that category for the reason that the setting, story and development of the plot is actually interesting whilst also being comical. Funny considering based on its selected genre "Thriller" and its poster, portraying Vega so spooky, the film itself is not entirely like that. Something I'd usually dislike but not here.

These two women represent 2 large parts of our late modern society. The conformists, and those who try to run their own show, wanting to stand out. And putting them together is bound to create a spark. (And that right there was a pun to those who decide to see the movie. Not to mention its legit symbolism of the many conflicts we see everyday. How we should live, who's not living properly, who's not mainstreaming)

Both girls are giving excellent argumentation as to why they are correct in choosing their lifestyles, whilst the film gets increasingly violent and hostile. The atmosphere is great because it remains comical at the same time, yet it does at no point become entirely ridiculous. because I couldn't help to notice these many symbolic gestures which were very appropriate from an artistic point of view when looking at Late Modernism. The ending is a real work of art, yet a bit surprise.

They end up connecting over something that would usually kill them but its structured, alongside the rest in a way that it encourages balance in life.

What usually would kill you wont, if you just do things a little bit, instead of being so extreme and radical. And this kind of thinking, put into the perspective of this film truly makes it really good in my opinion.

Of course if you choose not to overthink it you got a big cat fight on your hands, where two chicks are hating on each others lifestyles and that gets increasingly ugly. But there's more to this if you think, as you watch :)

I liked it, guys. And I'll definitely watch it again. Great fun, good ending, yet controversial considering. I wont spoil the ending because that was one of the cool surprises after seeing it.

Adding to the bi-polar aspect this film not only includes within its characters, but also in its plot itself. Because this ending highlights how when you least expect it, your world will be turned upside down. Cognitive dissonance all the way. :)

But yes. Good film. 6 out of 10. Its above average. Kind of film I'd get on DVD and enjoy when I feel like watching something okay and interesting. Decent replay value due to its setting and progress. 90 % of the film is inside their house where everything unfolds and its just all about character development and the spark between the two that gets increasingly volatile. I love movies like this.

Good movie if you have an open mind and don't expect a masterpiece. There's room for ordinary, above average movies too. And this film is one of those.

I feel like saying more but I not sure what, which highlights that its just one of those gems that don't have all that much to it. But what it does good. And I personally appreciate those rare occasions where we can get an hour and a half movie that isn't rushed, annoying, stupidly cliché or just boring.

It's my opinion that this film is one of the good ones. Go give it a watch. It might not be worth a cinema trip as such but on DVD or a rental it's definitely good entertainment.

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