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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by djangozelf-12351 1 / 10

Don't waste your time on this.

Horror is a real overstatement here. Maybe some terror but than for little kids. Acting was just terrible.

The doll looked like the son of Chucky but even less scary the whole movie thru. You don't see him move and his actions are lame. The movie fails in so many ways it's a worst than a B-flick and even a T.V. movie.

Really nothing positive about this production. You are better of watching anything else. It's that bad of a...well.

Something negative.

Minus 10 if possible.

Reviewed by Shawn Matthews 1 / 10

Waste of time and money

I'm no stranger to bad scripts and stupid characters in horror films, but this film had me thinking it was written on bring your kid to work day.

The Wife is an emotional mess that will believe anything, the son shows hardly any emotion towards anything that happens, the husband is a stereotypical 'my wife is crazy but I'll play along' guy... the only character that's worth being in the film is Robert, and he's hardly in it!

Every scene had me re-evaluating what I considered a bad movie, which is a shame considering the potential it had; great graphics, a brilliant killer doll story, set in England. But alas it just wasn't to be, with the women all shown to be weak, the men being imbeciles and the doll practically not even doing anything most of the time (the film focuses on the poorly written Wife).

If you like bad movies get this one, but if you're looking for something decent to watch for whatever reason, steer clear of this film like it'll give you Bubonic Plague.

Reviewed by vengeance20 2 / 10


I've seen it all before with these types of films. Possessed doll. Grim backstory. Child victim. It's all the same though each is different & unique all the same (depending), but it's the story & action which makes for it. This film, like so many others with the possessed doll horror genre just didn't cut it even in the slightest.

The film is about a struggling family who fire a house keeper whose health is deteriorating & effecting her job. She then leaves the family's son a doll called Robert, who (surprise surprise!) is an ugly evil looking son of a b!tch that Chucky & Annabelle gave birth too! The doll (just like any other horror film of this kind) goes about doing bad things/kills people & the parents either accuse their son who denies the events he isn't responsible for, or either are dumb/naive & have f**k knows idea what to do!

The biggest problem with this film is that there was too much story line & not enough action sequences like killing or seeing the doll in action which we saw VERY little of! What was the secret? We knew the doll was possessed, alive & an evil killing machine! Honestly! I also felt that the slow pacing combined with substantial amount of story- line didn't help matters. I mean, some parts of the film were completely boring & depressing to watch! Not to mention some scenes were quite awkward too.

The lack of blood/violence, the watery/unlikable characters & the sheer isolation made this film very boring too. The only bit of blood we got was the splatter of blood when the father gets bludgeoned with the wooden bat (which being honest was weak) & the end sequence which was 'so so' & didn't do much for me.

Realistically, that's all you got & like I said, not seeing "Robert" in motion was very scarce & limited! I also felt the entire film focused way to much on the boring things like story-line/pacing! It seemed like the good bits of this were very little to limited & didn't even deliver in a way it should've done. The kills were pathetic & lame too! They could've made them way more bloody, gory & violent considering this doll was evil!

The ending wasn't the greatest. The twist also wasn't satisfying even in the slightest! It was just a crappy way to end a film basically! Take it from me!

I overall didn't like this film. It was slow, boring & lacked action/violence/gore to even out the story-line segments which I felt were focused on way too much! 2/10

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