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Rob the Mob (2014) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
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Michael Pitt as Tommy Uva
Burt Young as Joey D
Andy Garcia as Big Al
Nina Arianda as Rosie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richard lyons 8 / 10

"You bought me Flowers!"

After watching a run of really terrible movies (Monuments Men, I Frankenstein, Invasion Day) I was desperate for a good movie....well I found it! Not just a good movie, but a great one. I was not holding out much luck from the hopeless title of Rob The Mob, but 5 minutes in and I was sold. Nina Arianda as 'Rosie' absolutely steals this movie, and is a joy to watch, her facial expressions are hilarious, and really draw you in to liking the character, in fact every performance in this movie is good, and whoever put the cast together deserves a 'well done' for a brilliant ensemble troop of players. If i have one slight criticism then it is that the Mob are about as threatening as a box of kittens! They are depicted as a bunch of fat guys sitting around playing cards and making rice balls, but the guy at the back of the club who seems to know where everybody is, made me laugh out loud. This movie deserves to be up there with some of the greats of the mobster movies. There is also a great soundtrack.

Reviewed by grisenka 9 / 10

Extraordinary love story of two ordinary young people, with uncommon solution to common problems.

Troubled young man (Michael Pitt) with nothing going for him except love from his phenomenally loyal girlfriend (Nina Arianda), decides to do something insane,steal from the mob and be some kind of modern Robin Hood. The problem is that he does this for his and his girls well-being. For the money and long stored grudge against the mob.

I liked this movie because of loyalty and uncommon love between not so perfect people, for reminding the people of weight that the phrase "for better or worse" brings with itself. P.S. Both main actors is maybe the thing that made this movie so great for me.

Maybe my standards are low but this movie made my night exceptional.

Reviewed by zif ofoz 10 / 10

A winner movie about 2 losers

Based on a true story this movie will capture your heart and interest as the two lead characters convince themselves they have found the path to easy street.

Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda are perfect as the lovers Tommy Uva & Rosie. They struggle & plot and cause a New York sensation with their Rob the Mob plan.

This is a delicious story that will keep you on the edge because at any moment a violent act could explode. Thanks to director Raymond De Felitta the story steers clear of gratuitous violence and concentrates on each character and their role in the Gotti trials and the quest to find out just who is doing these robberies.

This movie is one you will talk about!!

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