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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jenny Penny 9 / 10

A pleasant surprise

This was my favourite film at FrightFest during the packed weekend of genre fans gathering for the exciting premieres.

I'll admit I went into Road Games not expecting much. But that's only because I knew nothing about it, and it had been totally off my radar. But that only made it all the better for it. My intrigue was from that it seemed to have an interesting cast - Frederic Pierrot and Barbara Crampton in the same movie! I'll give it a go, I thought. And I think going in not knowing anything (or as little as possible) is a bonus.

I was totally taken by surprise, and a very pleasant surprise at that. Road Games is so much fun with twists and turns aplenty; whether or not you see any of the turns coming is clearly not meant to detract from the enjoyment of the film. The multi-layered characters and plot beats are fascinating to the point I can't wait to get the chance to watch it again.

And the film has a very high standard of acting - not one beat to fault in the performances. They are just excellent. Director Abner Pastoll clearly excels working with actors. Not to forget the score was a pulsing delight, and almost played a character in its own right.

Road Games is an assured, surprising and quality debut. Not without its (very minor) faults, I can't wait to see what Pastoll does next. Now that he's on my radar, the expectations are up pretty high...

very close to a 10 but until I get a chance to see it again I'll stick to my 9/10

Recommended viewing

Reviewed by christooshop 3 / 10

B-movie at best

What the heck was Andrew Simpson thinking when he accepted to play in this B-movie ? Same time, thank god he's in, otherwise these Road games would have been totally unwatchable ! The story itself is interesting, but both directing and acting are terrible and make no sense at all. And there is a huge problem with Josephine de la Baume : You can't hear anything she says, she whispers all along, so French ! Don't waste your time even if non precious with this B-movie ! Hitch must be turning in his grave. I agree with Toecutter0 : the score will settle there after a few weeks, perhaps a month after other, older viewers log in and cast their votes, scoring this title more fairly across the entire age spectrum. Watch those scores!

Reviewed by glaeinteen 7 / 10

really good

i'm all for non-commercial indie flicks and this one just blew me away. it kept me guessing until the end which is not something i can say about most movies these days.

it starts a bit slow but the creepy rural french shots along with the music might just make you forget about it.

Good editing though it could have been better and i loved the the protagonist and his shady backstory with his best friend and girl. He and Veronique might just be made for each other.

And with that ending i do agree with everyone who says this is a great hitchcock tribute.

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