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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 3 / 10

Ice-Cold Movie, Warm Hart.

There are some laughs here, but overall I found this comedy to be rather lame, stale and ridiculous. When you have 4 screenwriters listed, as in this film, it's usually a bad sign.

Kevin Hart and Ice Cube star here, with Hart portraying Ben Barber, who's a rather diminutive high school security guard and expert video game player. He's in a loving relationship with Angela Payton (Tika Sumpter), who's very proud of Ben when he's accepted into the police academy.

However, her highly overprotective brother James, played by Ice Cube, is a Detective with the Atlanta Police Department, and he feels Ben is certainly not good enough for his sister. James is gruff, volatile, and a loner on the force, but he agrees to take Ben on a ride-along for a day of police work.

James' main intention though is to place Ben in one impossible situation after another, on the streets of Atlanta, so he can prove to Angela once and for all that Ben doesn't have what it takes and is really a "loser".

Finally, as Ben closes in on a major arms deal that's going down with a major crime-lord, named Omar (Laurence Fishburne), it all culminates in an overly long, absurd, and predictable finale.

All in all, the plot here just seemed to be a "one-trick pony", with the same theme being run over and over. Combined with the flat humor, I was glad when it was over.

Reviewed by didonatope 6 / 10

A Not Great, but Enjoyable Ride

Fresh off of his hit stand-up comedy film, "Let Me Explain," Kevin Hart returns to the big screen with "Ride Along." While it may be far from the most memorable comedy, I can't help but admit I enjoyed sitting through it.

Kevin Hart plays Ben, an eccentric man who wants to marry the love of his life, Angela (played by Tika Sumpter). Before he does, he seeks to get the blessing of her brother James (played by Ice Cube), a tough, loose cannon cop. In order to prove he's worthy of marrying James' sister, Ben must join James on a day on his job as an officer. Eventually, the two get wrapped up in a case neither of them were expecting.

As expected, the film plays out like a typical buddy-cop comedy: a cop teams up with someone he doesn't like or agree with and the two have to attempt to get along. While this basic plot line has indeed been done to death, this film makes the fortunate decision to skip out on many movie cliches. There is no third-act-breakup, no mopey montage, and no "you're off the case" or "you're fired" scene. While a lack of these cliches does hamper the conflict, it is quite refreshing to see them absent from the film. On the other hand, the script lends itself to other flaws. Several scenes seem to be included for the sole purpose of filling time (such as a random cameo by Jacob Latimore that amounts to nothing). Moreover, the story can be very predictable at time, even with a couple of random and nonsensical plot twists thrown in. Still though, there is a lot of good to this film.

The dialogue, while far from quotable, is consistently funny and is almost guaranteed to keep the theater laughing. The jokes are delivered on a regular basis and never stray too far into campy or mean-spirited territory. Unlike films like "Identity Thief" and "A Madea Christmas," the tone of the film never strays from a comedic romp and always keeps the laughs coming.

Kevin Hart's performance itself is arguably worth the price of admission. Hart's lines are delivered with the impression that he is enjoying making this movie, and his high-energy presence is sure to please his fans. If you are a fan of Kevin Hart, you will most likely enjoy his screen-presence and his great chemistry with Ice Cube even if you find the script to be lacking.

"Ride Along," may not go down as a comedic legend, but in my eyes, it is certainly worth checking out at least as a rental. The flawed script can indeed be overlooked by the gleeful dialogue and Kevin Hart's enthusiasm. I'd say give it a shot, it wouldn't hurt to check it out.

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