Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion


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Richard the Lionheart: Rebellion (2015) download yts

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wouter van den Bosch 2 / 10

Not a B movie but a Z!

These producers must have thought : "Let us record the scenes and then put them in a chronicle order to watch."

So poorly directed and produced... The acting is OK, not great but because its poorly put together its as if you go from short movie to short movie instead of watching 1 movie..

The story line is a great one but because the producers made a mess I had to give this a 2 for the effort.

There are some good scene's in this video but overall it really stinks.

Acting depending on the actor ± 6,5, Director 5, Producers 2.

Just to get the 10 line rule I will write this sentence just to get it approved, This movie isn't worth 10 lines!

Reviewed by sally-427-625668 1 / 10


One of the worst films I've had the misfortune to watch. Two minutes in found me fiddling around in my handbag for entertainment.

There were a few minutes when the princes were introduced where I thought it might be worth watching just for the eye candy but they turned out to be corny and just as naff as everything else.

If a knight urgently knocks on a 6 inch thick internal castle door you don't expect it to sound as if its being done on a Formica topped school desk by a 5-year-old .... and when one of the princes need to escape instead of showing him doing it he is told 'there's a tunnel my father told me about' and then they are out! No budget for a tunnel - I like a good tunnel in a medieval drama.

Costumes were dreadful and although the Queens gratuitous nakedness was quite entertaining full frontal breast enhancements in 1173 is just wrong!

Reviewed by Jumberly 1 / 10

Just dreadful...

Rarely are low budget films great...but sometimes they can be good. This offering is neither.

A script that was surely written by an able 10 year old, acting that will embarrass the actors for years to come and locations chosen by a blind illiterate moron with no sense of History or Geography. Where are the bloody mountains in Northern France? What were they thinking...Or were they?

I managed just under 30 mins. There is a simple obvious rule. If you have a low budget, stick to themes that you can afford. Mass battle scenes are clearly out. Spend the money on the script...Or did the actors just make it up as they went along?

They did manage to save some money by not having a Director, well it appears that way.

All in all - a shame. A great idea for a movie...It just needed a budget, a director, a script, actors and basic intelligence choosing locations.

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