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Reviewed by fisher-brent-d 1 / 10


The thing that bothers me the most is the casted none of the original characters. Am I supposed to sit back and enjoy that each character does not match up with the previous movie? Jack should not be played by Matthew Lillard, and Bindi should not play Nim. Those characters should be played by the original actor and actress Gerard Butler and Abigail Breslin. And what happened to Jodi Foster's character? They just completely wrote out one of my favorite characters in the movie. I loved the original movie don't get me wrong, I watched the trailer for this movie and though to myself that it will be horrid and a waste of my time, the only reason I'm ranting about this is because of the fact my favorite characters were taken away.

Reviewed by jeff-59976 5 / 10

If you saw the first movie than you might not like this one.

I thought the first movie was interesting and fun to watch. But this one was not quite as good. First of all it is basically a stripped down version of the first one in that the first one integrates into the story a "fictional" character, Alex Rover, from Alexandria's novels. But nothing like that is done here. Also they wrote out Alexandria. In the first movie she added an extra dynamic to the movie because we got to see how her agoraphobia played out in contrast to Nim's adventurism. I don't recall for sure but I believe Alexandria hit it off with Jack but in the new movie it is like, where did she go?

Though the two movies have some continuity, it is obvious that there is some that is missing. For instance there are completely new actors portraying the characters. In the first movie both Nim and Jack spoke with an American accent. But in the 2nd movie, Jack speaks with one but Nim has sort of a British accent. That makes the story unbelievable when you have seen the first one. Especially considering that Jack is Nim's father. What happened between the two movies? Did Nim go live in the UK for a while?

If you have seen the first one, you will probably end up putting it in either part way through or after you see this one. But if you haven't seen the first one, then I think you would like this one. It's not a bad movie at all. Just disappointing that they didn't make it as interesting or really build on the previous one.

Reviewed by Lexi Marie 1 / 10

Did Not Like This

I really did not like this movie at all. Many people do like it because of the story line but I was expecting to witness the same characters we all fell in love with in the very first Nim's Island not all completely different characters. I really wish they would not have changed so many things. I was very disappointed. Within two minutes of the movie I had to stop watching because of how disappointed I was. I would not recommend this for people who loved the first movie. This movie could be a disappointment to many people. I wish That they still had cast Gerard Butler and all of the original cast. Another thing that I was really cross with was the fact that Nim now has an English accent instead of American. Wrapping it all up, I really wish that this movie had not been made as a disappointment to those who actually enjoyed the first movie Nim's Island.

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