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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Aleksandar Joksic 1 / 10

I honestly don't understand the high rating

This was one of the worst high rated movies I've ever seen. Made me so mad, I gave it rating 1, just because it was so overrated. I mean 8,7 from 12.000 users? Have you actually seen the movie before you rated it? I read somewhere this is the first Lithuanian movie to be accepted internationally. Well, if it means this is the first Lithuanian movie I've ever seen, then it's probably right. It's a Guy Ritchie meets Emir Kusturica. The acting is very thin, though. It's full of Eastern Europe clichés, but it's so overt, it's not even funny. I knew what to expect in each of the following dialogues 10 minutes into the movie. I fast forwarded through certain parts.

In conclusion, if you want to see a bad ass, fast-cut, violent Brit movie, go see the Snatch. If you want to see an Eastern European movie, see the Underground. If you want to see a mix of the two, and a bad one if I might add, see this.

Reviewed by egluze-lu 10 / 10

loved it

I never thought that a movie with such a small budget could ever be made so well. And it's not some haunting house horror, but a full caliber of action, movie. I will not say, that it reached an A level quality, but comparing this one with other E. Velyvis previous works, "Redirected" is almost brilliant.

The script on my opinion had few significant mistakes, but it did not stop me from enjoying the movie. Frankly, I couldn't stop crying while watching it, how funny that was from me. Though "Redirected" is orientated to the wider audience, I have to admit that there are some amazingly funny moments that will be understood only by a true Lithuanian (the scene with the emergency was crazy, but what is more crazy that it was actually based on a true story; or the old man in the forest making illegal hooch, witch is extremely popular in the country, I myself as a kid used to steal billets from there). The other east Europeans should also find something familiar.. :} but must not forget director uses lots of dark comedy. But overall I am pretty sure the West world will also enjoy the movie very much. They too will be able to recognize them self and how they look in the eyes of east ;] You know what, I can't wait to see it again.

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