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Brigitte Nielsen as Red Sonja
Ernie Reyes Jr. as Prince Tarn
Sandahl Bergman as Queen Gedren
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Reviewed by jack flynn 6 / 10

Reminds me of the good-old Drive-In movie days.

This movie gets better with age. If you've got a sense of humor and don't need Industrial Light and Magic special effects, the combination of actors (all playing off the winsome Brigette Nielson) makes this a fun movie to see again...or for the first time.

It's probably also the movie that got Arnold in hot water during the "recall."

Reviewed by Linda_S 9 / 10

Arnold, Brigitte, Sandahl!

This is a wonderfully moral sword and sorcery epic. Arnold Schwarzenegger portrays a heroic man of high character unlike the amoral Conan. His portrayal of Kalidor is understated and that makes it WORK.

Brigitte Nielsen while a raw talent, still manages to put this film over.

She is what one expects a Red Sonja to be: a simple, brave, barbarian woman with a sense of loyalty and oath upholding that is so alien to our modern world.

Sandahl Bergman as the nefarious Queen Gedren is marvelous. She has a plum role playing a villainous megalomaniac and she enjoys every minute of it.

Paul Smith and his sidekick Ernie Reyes Jr. almost steal the show, quite charming. Again there is a humanity in Smith's character, this loyalty and taking seriously of an oath that rings true for the imagined world of this sword and sorcery entry.

Tutte Lemkow's portrayal of a wizard is one of the minor roles that is very well done.

Of all the sword and sandal movies I have seen over the years I have a special place for this 1985 film.

It is a feel good movie, romantic, exciting, beautiful scenery and costumes and an excellent ARNOLD film.

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