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Reviewed by Thor Heyerdahl 1 / 10

InbRed Dawn

Some weeks ago, I got to see the notorious 1984 film 'Red Dawn' on TV. I had been looking forward to the experience since i played a certain computer game with a similar plot some years back. There was something exotic and fascinating with the thought of a very unlikely Soviet invasion of the USA. Disappointingly, what I saw was pretty trashy.

In the movie, America has been deserted by many former allied because of an extremely unlikely dissolvement of NATO (except of the UK, of course). As if that wasn't enough, Mexico has underwent a Revolution to become a Marxist state. In 1984, the Soviets got unlucky with their harvest, which leads to the invasion of the US. Naturally. According to an Air Force officer the heroes in the movie encounter later, they smuggled in special troops (Spetsnaz) using charter planes, to secure key strategic points. He adds: 'the same way they did in Afghanistan'. Interestingly, that's the first time I've heard of charter routes to that specific country. Spies had somehow crippled the American ability to defend and retaliate, and a lot of horrifying commies from Latin America swarmed across the border. The Soviets showed up with massive armies, who were somewhat stopped by the armed defenders. Is there still hope? Of course! Because 1: The American youth are professional guerrilla warriors, and 2: The Soviets don't have a clue how to occupy a country (as seen in Afghanistan). The youth call themselves 'The Wolverines', and kill LOADS of occupants using captured equipment.

The script is maybe the most disturbing aspect of this film: It has dumb clichés, witless dialog, and is far, far from being intellectual/contemplative. On the question of how it felt to kill a foe, a youth who had lost his parents answer: 'It felt good'. This particular actor was especially horrendous, so that you almost laugh out loud when he says it.

The special effects are cheap and uncomfortable to look at, which strengthens the feeling that this is a low-budget film. I hoped for lots of tanks, massive air strikes etc., but the movie contains a minimum of cool combat sequences. The attack choppers late in the movie doesn't even look like the infamous Soviet Hinds, they're just crappy look-a-likes.

The acting was bad. Seriously, it was BAD. I understand completely why Patrick Swayze had his breakthrough in a later movie, and not in this one. Charlie Sheen, who plays his brother is awful as well. The supporting cast sometimes seem like a group of randomly selected amateurs. The actors have serious problems displaying their characters. Emotions seem fake. I'm surprised those morons weren't nailed at the Razzie awards that year.

The director of this crap is John Milius. He also participated in the creation of the script. For these imbecilic escapades, I suspect his family of being badly inbred. I mean he must have intellectual issues when he makes a bomb like this. When he made this film, he obviously had no clue how to make a movie entertaining for people with adequate intelligence.

The controversy around this film was caused by its political message. It was by many labeled as propaganda, and that's what the movie is remembered for. However, what will make me remember it, is the poor quality.

Reviewed by Jon Williams 1 / 10


I've seen this "movie" on TV a few times (although it would be better described as propaganda) and have to honestly say that there are so many problems with it's basic premise and message that it stands more as a tribute to the paranoia of the far right in the early 1980's than anything else.

Just starting with the basic premise of how the events that lead to what happens in the movie is so out there and nonsensical that it beggars belief.

Here a just a few examples of how ridiculous this movie is: The Russians achieve their initial invasion by commandeering thousands of commercial jets and flying then into US airspace.

Okay, the problem with this is that even though the FAA and air traffic controllers are rather overworked but I'd still think that someone somewhere working in an air traffic control tower would notice SEVERAL THOUSAND UNSCHEDULED AIRCRAFT JUST SUDDENLY APPEARING OUT OF NOWHERE.

"West Germany elects the greens to power and they demand that all nuclear weapons be removed from European soil which leads N.A.T.O dissolves and leaves America to "stand alone" with only Britain at it's side".

Aside from this being little more than a cheap dig at the peace and anti-nuclear weapons movements that were gaining influence at that time there is no way short of those other countries being nuked into oblivion that that would happen.

"Russian forces invaded Alaska and came down through Canada" And no one in Alaska or Canada noticed thousands of Russian troops and pieces of equipment rolling through the streets and thought to notify the Canadian or American government to tell them the Russians were coming.

Lastly that a meat headed high school football quarterback who's only previous experience in a leadership role of any kind is being a high school football team quarterback and goes hunting with dad somehow qualifies him with advanced knowledge of military maneuvers and tactics especially considering the fact that he and his "Wolverines" going up against SPEZNAZ Troopers who are the elite forces of the Russian Army (although in this movie they are depicted as being bumbling fools who can't hit the broadside of a barn with a machine gun)and can organize to engage them in battle and win.

Those are just some of the biggest implausibilities in this movie.

Not to mention the fact that the overall message of this movie is that it's fun to watch teenagers kill people as long as they're big bad commies one character even says without an ounce of remorse when asked what it felt like to murder in cold blood a drunken Russian soldier who was unarmed and he say's "it felt good".

Director John Milius has admitted that he wrote this pathetic exercise in jingoism in response to the 1983 TV movie The Day After (which was a far superior film about the aftermath of nuclear war on a small Kansas town and the people living there)because he was angered by the way war and the aftermath of a nuclear attack was presented in a negative light and he felt that it was "just a hippie peacenik movie designed to unfairly influence the youth of America away from liking war and towards both peace and nuclear disarmament".

This movie is little more than cheap far right propaganda designed to feed the paranoia of the far right and a chance to feed their lust for blood.

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