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M. Emmet Walsh as Master Chief Vinnie Walker
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Reviewed by David_Frames 5 / 10

An Enormous Erection

A folly worthy of its namesake, Lord Grade, its liner sized producer famously remarked that it would have "been cheaper to lower the Atlantic", a feat he could have accomplished simply by jumping into it.

Raise the Titanic(!)is an adaptation of the novel by Clive Cussler. In its transition to the big screen however, most of the intricate cold war plotting didn't make it to the lifeboats. In its stead you have the basic story and of course the bank breaking poster promise of the doomed liner rising from her watery grave. It might have worked too had the source material been handled a little better. The screenplay is pretty talky and never really succeeds in building the necessary tension but what really sinks (sorry) the whole enterprise is direction from Jerry Jameson so moribund and lifeless, you'd think he was helming a movie for cable television. Its a mark of this that although it doesn't take very long to find the ship itself on screen you could be forgiven for thinking that you began watching the movie in 1912. Also RTT! has, for the most part a cut price look that undermines the epic scale of the story and its subject matter. When the ship does eventually see the light of day its via some model work and camera over-cranking that fails in producing that all important wow factor. To be fair though there are some very good shots of the ship entering New York harbour that do pack a punch, aided enormously by one of John Barry's best ever scores - a wonderful bombastic orchestral suite that is as good as hes ever produced. Were this a better film, and had anyone gone to see it Barry may have been in line for an Oscar (which he got when he plagiarised parts of the score for Out of Africa). In fact, its fair to say that Barry is the only person behind the camera who does the story any justice.

Richard Jordan gives a good performance as Cussler's hero Dirk Pitt and there's a nice Cornish Cameo for Alec Guinness but everyone else is really just waiting to die here. The twist is a good one but is handled poorly and you're left wondering what a director like John McTernian who did such good work with Clancy's Hunt for Red October may have made of the same material. Sadly the discovery of the real ship in two pieces has scuppered any remake possibilities so this is it. Raise the Bismarck anyone?

Reviewed by ghall 7 / 10

Guilty Pleasure

I saw this movie in the theatre, and I remember enjoying it. I knew it was a financial failure, but over the years since I've been surprise by the hatred it has generated. Long before Robert Ballard, finding the Titanic and possibly raising it was a dream I shared with a lot of Titanic fans. Clive Cussler wrote a pulpy but entertaining book on the subject, and I thought the story was made into a pulpy, but entertaining movie. I liked the cast: Richard Jordan, David Selby (I'm a Dark Shadows fan also...hoots of derision), Jason Robards and Anne Archer. Now, however, I have to watch a fading print under cover of darkness to avoid more hoots of derision! I've read that there is excised footage that might help the storyline. I'd buy a directors cut DVD, and have a "Raise the Titanic" party. It's only an entertainment, not a work of art.

Reviewed by FossGly 8 / 10

It like it

I like this film, and I've always liked it. It is far from perfect, but if you can suspend your disbelief for a couple of hours and enjoy it for what it is then it's worth watching. The oft-criticised script isn't the worlds best, but some of the dialogue is quite moving and it's delivered well by the cast. Jason Robards makes an excellent Sandecker, and Richard Jordan captures elements of Dirk Pitt's character very well. The scene in The Sloop Inn in Cornwall with Jordan and Alec Guinness is particularly noteworthy, with Guinness' portrayal of a surviving crew member accentuated by John Barry's first class score ("Memories of the Titanic (All That's Left)") quite moving. Later on, Barry's "Memories of the Titanic" theme is reprised to good effect when Jordan's character explores the wreckage. The scene where the Titanic reaches the surface is quite impressive, and I can't help but smile when we see the ship towed into New York harbour (and it's not the poor visual effects that make me smile). I always enjoy re-watching this, and if no-one else does, that's fine - I'll keep it for myself.

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