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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
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Nicolas Cage as Paul Maguire
Rachel Nichols as Vanessa Maguire
Aubrey Peeples as Caitlin Maguire
Peter Stormare as Francis O'Connell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by daisydogears 3 / 10

oh come on ridiculously bad

I've watched some truly terrible films but this is the 1st time I have ever blacklisted a director. This fairly new Spanish filmmaker paco took some good ingredients and what must have been a fair budget and put cage into a... where to begin: very poorly scripted, cliché ridden, terrible music choice, poor use of effects, good actors poorly acting, beyond stupid sequences, stop start one dimensional, no character development(it does not count when you just narrate the plot or history)

It was an attempted rip off of the excellent taken. The one use of this film would be a learning tool for film students as the what not to do.

To end ill give you just one example as to why the blame is securely at the feet of the director. Near the end of a stupid action scene, as cage is about to deliver his cliché one liner, we get a cut shot which starts with a 3 second close up of nics crotch before panning up....pfff

Reviewed by Ejiro Esiri 1 / 10

Abomination of a Movie

I regret wasting time watching this movie. The movie is absolutely disjointed and lacks any sense. Nicholas, did you really take up this movie? First, Tokarev is the name of some random Russian guy Who appears for less than 5 minutes All the killings were senseless From Nicholas's daughter To his crew members. And Nicholas at the end. I could have done better producing this movie with my niece. Don't waste your time with this movie. And poor me was there, waiting for the climax of the movie but it never came. Characters were killed off too easily in the movie. For the girl: the cops were not smart enough to check the house for Gun Residue or something. Annoying movie. You have made me post an equally annoying review.

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