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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 6%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 92%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 2844  


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Nicole Kidman as Gertrude Bell
James Franco as Henry Cadogan
Robert Pattinson as Col. T.E. Lawrence
Damian Lewis as Charles Doughty-Wylie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by turtlecroc 9 / 10

Understated and brilliant

Queen of the Desert might be Herzog's most brilliant film to date. But it is not a work of genius--not because it isn't great but because Herzog failed to dumb it down for average movie-going audiences. Hence for many it will come across as a stock, even boring, romantic adventure drama. If you see it that way, well, I can't help you. It is timely, beautiful, and relevant. Most reviewers missed the mark on this one, although in a commercial sense it probably won't be successful because it will fly over the heads of typical audiences, especially in the U.S.

Warning for the masses: no spaceships or aliens, and precious few gunbattles. (Btw, I'm in Wisconsin, and I hate history lessons.)

Reviewed by Myat Htoo (peterhtoo) 7 / 10

Beautiful film, not too detailed on facts.

A film worth seeing, explains the birth of present middle east. A visionary feast and both Nicole Kidman and James Franco's acting is superb.Most critics didn't give it a thumbs up but for me it was a beautiful film, maybe because the lead was a woman who changed the course of history! For anyone who doesn't know anything about the middle east should see it just for history and Gertrude Bells significance in history....

The photography is exhilarating and get to see the desert and the oasis in their beauty. The movie might lack historical details but it focuses on Gertrude Bells life, so that is understandable. But at least for people who never knew what or how the middles east came about and what she did it is an eye opener. A must see file for me!

Reviewed by tandmdelpino 10 / 10

Capturing the complexity of a desert past

This is a story for women. If you live or have experienced the desert, you can connect with this story. Written as a romantic adventure, full of life and sadness, this movie tells a story that is subtle, not raw, nor, overly dramatized. It is a modern account with elements that are reminiscent of an older style of cinema. Tactile a full of beauty, Kidman's representation of Bell is simple and her prose lingers in your mind once the film has ended. 'Queen of the Desert' is, simply put, a very enjoyable adventure and, a representation of a strong, intelligent and formidable woman.

This film is a poignant picture of a past that is little remembered beyond the borders of the desert region. Perhaps, it paints an image of the past that few choose to recognize or remember but, it is, albeit, an interesting an poignant one.

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