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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skybrick736 1 / 10

Puppet Master Axis Rising

All I can say is that I was blown away by how bad Axis Rising is and I am realistic knowing what Full Moon filmmaking is all about. Not even the puppets or the new evil puppets could save this film from its terrible awful premise. The acting especially the new Danny and Beth were just plain unwatchable. The story of the new Nazi's and their doctor was outlandish and complete rubbish. For the hot German not even to take her clothes off was an opportunity missed by the writers and director. The acting was atrocious from start, middle and end and even the dialogue is cheesier than normal. I had a couple laughs and enjoyed some puppet action from of course Blade and Six Shooter otherwise nothing in this film was at all enjoyable or interesting. Avoid watching unless you are a fan or the series it should be viewed for free online.

Reviewed by amesmonde 6 / 10

B -Movie - puppets, Nazis, boobs and blood.

Nazis attempt to create a new army by reanimating corpses, when their plan goes awry they go about using Toulon's Puppet's secret to assist them.

Picking up where Axis of Evil left off producer Charles Band's cult creations return. Mr Puppet Master - Band himself directs this instalment and it shows, Axis Rising feels grander than the last, more film-like with better looking locations and production values, plus there's some noteworthy digital and make up effects. The infamous puppets look more like their original designs especially everyone's favourites Blade, Jester and Pinhead. The outrageous new puppets this time around are more welcome and its a kick to see some 'classic' puppets return.

What Stephanie Sanditz's German accent lacks in consistency she makes up for in screen presence and looks as Uschi, with Sanditz clearly having fun with the dialogue. Oto Brezina as Doctor Freuhoffer is perfect as well as some of the older supporting cast. The leads have been recast with Kip Canyon now playing Danny and Jean Louise O'Sullivan as Beth - while not the calibre of their predecessors they're certainly better than some of the hammy performances on display and solid enough given what has been spawned from essentially a 1989 cult film.

Good B movies are certainly not dead, while suffering from the usual budget restraints as many of its predecessors, to Band's credit Axis Rising flows, looks good, is faster paced and is also slicker than part 9.

What has been consistent throughout the franchise is the great music and Part 10, yes X, is no exception, Robert Douglas and the originals scorer Richard Band delivers a fantastic richer main theme and an excellent amount of stings and cues even if the sound design mix is a little misplaced at times.

Shane Bitterling's writing injects this Puppet Master with a theatrical and campier tone, nevertheless this coupled with Bands on hand touch makes Rising sexier, bloodier and more fun this time around. While lacking the creepy factor of the first and second it's still an event to be had - puppets, Nazis, zombies, experiments, boobs and blood what more do you want?

Reviewed by Prolox 5 / 10

Okay sequel to a franchise way past it's expiry date!

This is the second part of a new trilogy of PUPPET MASTER movies from FULL MOON, set during World War II. However it's very clear from this entry that the series is merely coasting by on fumes. As I stated in my review for AXIS OF EVIL, I do not see this trilogy as a blessing to fans (if any remain by now) but rather necessary to create a full length movie, that CHARLES BAND & FULL MOON can squeeze the last few pennies left from the few remaining fans, still willing to pay their hard earned money to see it & hide the fact that they have no more idea's. Since the chances of FULL MOON ever doing another sequel to TRANCERS or SUBSPECIES (it's two other well known franchises) will not likely ever happen, Band has been forced to rely on the PUPPET MASTER series to help keep FULLMOON from completely sinking into oblivion. However, rather than come up with even a paper thin plot, Band simply recycles the plot of PUPPET MASTER III: TOULON'S REVENGE, with the Nazi's studying the resurrection serum in the hopes of unlocking it's secrets to aid them in creating a race of super Nazi zombie soldiers to help them win the war, since their own experimentation in resurrecting the dead has thus far been unfruitful. The characters of Beth & Danny also return (played by two much better actors) & are paired up with a crusty U.S. army general to help take down the sadistic Nazi general MOEBIUS, who has employed a Nazi scientist to help him realize his dream of ruling the world. Unforunantly the films plot goes virtually nowhere. Despite the title, there is no "Axis Rising" just three Nazi villains & a small pocket full of Nazi soldiers (the latter of whom play no part in the plot whatsoever). True this along with AXIS OF EVIL, is better than any of the films to follow after PUPPET MASTER 5, unfortunately without PARAMOUNT's backing, Band has struggled with recent entries, his budgets are far to small to achieve decent puppet movements & special effects, better actors & better sets etc. the puppet effects are bad, especially Tunnler, who looks like he has two bulging giant black marbles for eyes & spends the entire movie on a metal tray, on a scientists desk, dead to the world & like all the sequels past Part 5, you could take the puppets out of the movie & you would still have a movie! the puppets are just here to sell the movie, they serve the plot almost not at all & are barely in the movie anyways.

What's notable here is how the film is billing itself as the tenth entry in the franchise, when it really is the eleventh (obviously Band is omitting the truly bad PUPPET MASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS, with no complaints whatsoever from this critic). He also returns to the directors chair, after having helmed the truly bad PUPPETMASTER: LEGACY, & it's sad to see Band still trying to re-capture the magic of the best reviewed PUPPET MASTER film, TOULON'S REVENGE, on a budget that like most recent FULL MOON films of the past few years, would be similarly akin to the amount of change you would find underneath the cushions of you're couch. His direction is pretty good, but most of the acting, if not all of it, boarders on okay, to instant camp. SIX SHOOTER returns to the puppet fold, after his absence in PUPPET MASTER: AXIS OF EVIL, but by the time he shows up, the film is pretty much over (he turns up in the last ten minutes) & does nothing new or exciting. Band & company clearly had fun in making this entry though, as is proved with some of it's over the top idea's, such as is the habit with each new PUPPET MASTER movie, a new puppet is introduced, AXIS RISING however goes the extra step of having not one, but four new puppets! all villains however, to fight the puppets. They include a big breasted buxom blonde Nazi girl, who midway is murdered & turned into a puppet called "BOMB SHELL" who's breasts pop down & two mini machine guns pop out behind them! a Nazi werewolf named WEHRMACHT & BLITZKRIEG who looks like a distant cousin to Mr. Static robot from DEMONIC TOYS, & KAMAKAZI a talking Chinese puppet with a bomb attached to him!

All in all, like the past few entries, this one really isn't a horror film at all, but rather an fantasy adventure film, with some horror around the edges. As is the case with the last few entries, this sequel is not suspenseful, scary, bloody or atmospheric & barely has any gore & although the historical errors are not as glaring, there's still a few of them, such as Nazi's armed with AK-47's (it's only 1939!) Nazi's walking around in Nazi garbs, driving around with Nazi symbols on their cars & able to have busts of Hitler & Nazi regalia right on U.S soil & no one pays any attention! & a woman as a high ranking Nazi official & presents a continuity error in the fact that Danny & his girlfriend live in a house, when in AXIS OF EVIL, which this film picks up from immediately, he was living in an apartment. In the end, PUPPET MASTER X: AXIS RISING is an okay entry in the series. It's watchable in terms of story, but as a sequel, it serves as yet another mediocre entry to a long dead franchise that truly ended with Part 5. Strictly & I do mean strictly! for die hard PUPPET MASTER fans.

**1/2 stars

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