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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Matt Greene 8 / 10

Made My Face Hurt

The excessive world of modern pop is so soulless and pretentious, it's ripe picking for drama. The mental breakings of stars like Mariah Carey, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson and others show an inherent flaw in how human beings are turned into oblivious money-making commodities, and then unceremoniously spit-out when their glimmer dies. Popstar, the brain child of the YouTube-turned-SNL stars The Lonely Island, touches on these things enough, but mostly it's just fantastic jokes. A timely and lightning-fast musical mockumentary, I could barely catch my breath from laughing. The story works as a parallel to the careers of the three Lonely Island guys themselves. Conner4Real (Samberg) is an international popstar who has grown beyond the popularity of his two Style Boyz partners (Taccone, Schaffer). While it uses that parallel effectively, it never becomes overbearing. Instead what shines are the original songs, a staple of these guys past endeavors, including their groundbreaking "SNL Digital Shorts" segments. Each one is an instant classic (i.e. "I'm So Humble", "Things in My Jeep"), played ridiculously as if they have influenced real musicians, many of whom make hilarious cameos. For those of you old enough to remember the comedy classic "Spinal Tap", this format may seem somewhat familiar. However, a distractingly blatant rip-off this is not. It uses its 30-year separation as a way to point out the modern massive difference between actual artistic influence and silly cultural nostalgia that permeates the musical landscape. And while it doesn't quite reach Spinal-Tap-heights of greatness, if you're looking for a perfect friends-night-out, this is a comedy you will be happy to visit and revisit over and again.

Reviewed by tvoth88 10 / 10

Excellent Satire

Great movie!! I absolutely love the way its a documentary with such famous musicians and rappers adding to the satire. The story is so true and attacks the song writing skills of today's music. If you have a good beat, throw in a bunch of catch phrases with a cool voice, add another famous singer to back up with a couple of lines and you got a new hip hop/rap song. I was completely entertained and recommend this movie for anyone to sit back and enjoy great comedy. Love the fact JT dominates the nerd entourage cook and has the ability to be humble and have fun with this movie. The swearing can be a little intense but the movie stays true to the creators. Hope everyone else enjoys as much as my laughter filled evening.

Reviewed by Edgar Allan Pooh 8 / 10

POPSTAR blows the whistle on the "pop music" industry . . .

. . . disclosing that "popular" tunes are simply a random collection of notes and syllables packaged to please the diminished perception of drunken or otherwise impaired youngsters who should be out fighting terrorism, easing poverty, and tackling rapists. The 117 leading "song artists" making cameo appearances here obviously are taking great pride in delivering their spoof lines of Palavered Drivel with straight faces. The funnier thing is that you could read the same sort of Pompous Pontification in any issue of Rolling Stone and its competing Zines including self-styled "music reviews," and the pretensions on display would be even greater assaults against Common Sense and Rational Thinking. Since the advent of Autotune, your Uncle Fred and Aunt Ethel could be the equal of any "Pop Star" selling out stadiums, as long as they are limber enough to simulate obscene body positions (something within the capabilities of any individuals still able to use the toilet by themselves). The definition of "Pop Music" always has been anything that will make someone older than yourself (or the reviewer) cringe. "Pop Music" is NOT fully accessible to pop drinkers, or to people exercising their better judgment. As Brian Wilson had it, BURP SOUNDS better expresses the Essence of Pop. POPSTAR serves as a reminder NOT to take any music written since Bach seriously.

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