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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jtungsten16 10 / 10

Love, Love, Love Poltergeist 2015

what can I say about a perfect movie? Poltergeist is a very entertaining and scary movie. Sam Rockwell is perfection in the role of the dad buying a haunted house and Rosemarie Dewitt was great in the role as the mom.

Poltergeist 2015 updates us on the movie of the same name in the 80's and it is refreshing to see the new model by director Gil Kennan who in my opinion did a great job executing new entities.

I think the movie was fun and recommend it to old and new fans.

The kids did a great job too, OK maybe there was a few laughable scenes like when Griffin gets pulled out of the house by the tree? But all and all I enjoyed the film.

Go see it!!!!!!

Reviewed by sanghaejang 10 / 10

Don't listen to critics. It's an amazing film. (From a big horror fan)

Yep. I'm a big horror films fan who had seen almost every single horror films had been release including Asians and European horror films.

American horror classic is all about those cliché where a family moves into a new house which is hunted with a few jump scare and then the family conquer the ghost and it ends.

But this film had almost none of that. They move into a new house and sh*ts happen. Like real scary sh*t. Not those cheesy jump scare but really scary sh*t.

I was scare the whole film until the end and the storyline is just amazing. this is way way more better than any horror film I had ever seen.

Reviewed by Andrew Gold 6 / 10

A shoddy, by-the-numbers remake that favors quick scares over lasting dread.

Let's get this out of the way: Remakes never surpass the originals (aside from very rare cases like John Carpenter's The Thing). The premise is the same - a family moves into a house that's haunted with a poltergeist, their daughter gets trapped into the "spirit" realm and they hire an expert to help the family get her out. It's essentially a retelling of the original story with a few tweaks and a ton of CGI. So is Poltergeist one of the rare instances where the remake is as good or better than the original? F*ck no. But that doesn't mean it has no entertainment value as a standalone horror flick.

Poltergeist is a popcorn movie more than anything. Everything about it, from the poor writing to the lukewarm thrills, only provide surface-level enjoyment. It never gets under your skin like a good horror film should. It's not scary or disturbing, and it definitely won't stick with you once the credits start to roll. The problem is that Poltergeist is extremely formulaic and predictable. They set up these creepy scenarios and build up suspense by making it really quiet for a few moments, and then a few seconds later... BAM, loud noise and creepy face jumps at you. I love me a good jump scare but the scares are cheap and you can see them coming from a mile away. It's a shame because there are moments where you can tell the director is trying to build tension and unease, but these easy scares ruin any momentum the atmosphere had going for it.

Acting wise, Sam Rockwell is the obvious highlight. He's a very talented, likable actor and elevates any scene he's in just by his presence. He could have easily done this role in his sleep or on auto-pilot but Rockwell commits to the part and is by far the most watchable and relatable character in the movie. The family dynamic feels real solely because of him. Jared Harris gives a great performance as well considering the limited screen time he was given.

Which brings me to the characters themselves, and this is where the movie fails. Hard. The only characters that feel "real" are the father, the son, and the younger daughter (who isn't used nearly as much as she was in the original). Everyone else is just... there. The mother and older daughter add literally nothing to the story, the paranormal team members are completely forgettable and are only there for exposition, hell even Jared Harris' character is a huge wasted opportunity. It's the fault of the writers really. I mean there is some truly *cringeworthy* dialogue that's so unbelievable that it looks as if the actors are just reading off cue cards. And then they throw in a really really dumb love subplot between Jared Harris and the lead investigator which was a waste of time and excruciatingly awkward to watch.

This movie does polish some classic scenes from the original. The living tree, the clowns (yes, multiple), the subterranean graveyard, etc. It all looks sleek, smooth, and modern. But again, the novelty factor is gone so you pretty much know how everything is going to play out. There's one iconic scene that they butchered though, anyone who's seen the movie knows exactly what I'm talking about. It just felt half-assed and shoehorned in simply because it was such a powerful scene in the original and the filmmakers probably felt obligated to throw it in. The difference is that the original version was haunting and unexpected while this version lasts for like a split second and leaves you feeling absolutely nothing.

Again, there's no point in comparing this to its original because it pales in comparison in every way. It's one of the better recent horror remakes sure but that isn't saying much. However, as a standalone B-horror midnight popcorn creepfest, Poltergeist can provide a modicum of entertainment.


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