Police Academy: Mission to Moscow


Action / Comedy / Crime

Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (1994) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 22%
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Ron Perlman as Constantine Konali
Christopher Lee as Commandant Rakov
Claire Forlani as Katrina
Leslie Easterbrook as Capt. Callahan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by assassin007 1 / 10

A serious drama about mental illness

"Kicking buttski. Making you laughski. The Academy is backski!"

What the hell is that even meant to mean!!?? I cannot think of a single Russian word (apart from the obvious "Russki") that ends with "ski". This is just one of the many idiotic retarded things in this movie. The story makes no sense. Why would Russians want to hire a bunch of American loudmouths to hunt down some supposed "Russian" gangster who doesn't look, sound, or talk like a Russian. What kind of a Russian surname is "Konali" anyway? And he's planning to take over the world with a stupid video game about a bear who runs around punching people? WHAT THE HELL!? The jokes aren't funny and the acting is crap. Whoever made this movie should be dragged through their own vomit.

This movie a dumbski piece of crapski.

Reviewed by Herr Gruber 1 / 10


Resting down on the toilet, I released my bowels.

Police Academy: Mission To Moscow splattered all over the toilet bowl.

Good lord, it stunk. I mean really, really stunk. I had to open the window.

Mrs. Blandflapp from next door could even smell it. " Hey, Gruber! Have you been shitt*ng out Police Academy 7 again? Stop it or I'll take legal action."

This 'movie' is truly a shocker. It lacks humour, atmosphere and virtually everything else required to make a film watchable.

My insane cousin loves it, though. He splits his pants at the sight of Lassard getting into a funeral hearse and later spitting out an egg. He drips urine at the sight of Captain Harris dressed as a ballerina. My cousin is also completely mental and dangerous.

Reviewed by Mercury78 1 / 10

Nothing else to do, and still a waste of time.

I saw this film when I was on a 9 hour ferry crossing, I didn't even have to pay to go and see it, and it was still the most painfully stupid and unfunny film I have ever sat through. I actually quite liked the first film, being young and impressionable it made me laugh. But this was just embarrassing.

I'm very happy to help this film out with its progress up the IMDB list of worst films of all time. 1/10.

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