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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by potterbond007-51-23461 8 / 10

A fun ride

This film deserves more publicity than it is getting.. An impressive cast and a pretty good thriller in its own right.. The different stories that each cop puts forward on poker night are in itself pretty good. Each story is different in their own way and its really depicts how a legit detective team would handle the same case. The negatives that I have are really slight.. Maybe the plot could have been a bit more taut and focused on the killer a bit more. The acting is well handled.. I enjoyed the ending and I wish the team behind this all the best in their next venture. I went in without any expectations but the rating on IMDb (which I think it deserves at least a seven) and I liked it. If you are into thrillers, give it a try.

Reviewed by haphazard72 8 / 10

It's different....

This is.....different. I don't know how to describe it any other way.

If you're into your horror/thriller type of movie, and you're not looking for anything deep, but you do want a movie with lots of twists and turns, then this is for you.

I liked it. I liked how the different stories played out to help create the main one.

Beau Mirchoff played his character well. Halston Sage is stunning!

It's not an academy award winner, but if you want a bit of fun and horror, then this is for you. You won't pick the story and how it pans out- definitely different....

Reviewed by Dr_Sagan 6 / 10

The man behind the mask...

Overall this is an interesting thriller to watch.

Its main problem is the weird narrative with the time moving back and forth while telling the story and while leaving "crucial" clues out for a later reveal.

Also there is this gimmick, where the main character (a young cop) takes the place on screen of his older colleagues who are trying through personal stories to transfer their wisdom to him.

You get the hang of it, but it is a risk and it may confuses many of the viewers.

The cast is good enough. It consists of actors who you have seen them lots of times in secondary roles. Nevertheless they do a good job around a poker table as veteran cops, telling stories.

The "solution" of what is happening it's presented in "key phrases" from the beginning so if you want to follow the movie and enjoy it I suggest to pay attention from the start! The man behind the mask it might fool you too!

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