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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nzsarge 10 / 10

Grotesque, mind numbing yet unable to look away

This movie has to be the worst thing I have ever laid eyes on yet, I was unable to turn it off giving it a score of 10/10. It featured everything you want in a movie from acting that looks as though it was dubbed over with the original actors voice in a batman "kapow" "URGH!" manner. The special effects were amazing though, they must have spent upwards of $15 on the makeup and $500 on the rent of the cabin. I hope the director/producer/story editor/... Rene whats-his-name who did everything, probably shot the movie himself uses a bigger SD card next time so we get to see the ending of his next film.

Reviewed by AnneUumellmahaye 2 / 10

I write this only to spare your time. Also most likely SPOILERS.

I do believe this is the first review I have ever made on IMDb. As I know next to nothing about what goes into making a film I usually stick to the comments and leave the reviewing to people how do know something of the art. But... I watch a lot of movies. And I watch a lot of bad movies. I like, and on occasion love, bad movies. So believe me this film has almost nothing to recommend it on any level. In it's favour I will say it didn't look overly cheap as far as the filming went. It looked better than you would expect given the rest of its shortcomings. Also in terms of bad movie positives it contains a scene with what is the worst delivered monologue I have ever seen. Monologue isn't quite the right word but it is the only lines this character has and to call the delivery wooden would be sparkling praise. ALMOST worth seeing for that. The two women might be considered attractive to some and one with generic brand implants is naked for a short scene and the other nude for half a second. That might be a plus for those without the internet. Beyond that it is not good enough or bad enough to be worth watching. Just bleh. And to top it all off they appear to have run out of money and just ended the movie at a random point. Admittedly this seems to be part of a series. Maybe, somehow, my opinion would be altered if I had seen it/them. With luck I will never be bored enough to find out. Reading a review like this I would probably be egged on to see for myself. Please just think that I was moved, for the first time, to say DON'T.

Reviewed by ffsviljoen 1 / 10

Worst movie ever

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen, from start to ending. I don't see how this could have been released in the first place. I hope this isn't going to set the trend for horror movies in 2016. Me and a bunch of my friends could have made a better movie in our back yard loll! Just how bad is it? Well take it like this....... I have never written a comment or review about a movie before. no matter how good or bad a movie is. But in this case, I just can't contain my disgust, it's just that bad, don't watch it. Iv'e never been so upset about having wasted my time before. unbelievable. Sheez. I also feel sorry for the actors in this movie, if they thought this was going to make them famous.

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