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Julie Bowen as Lil' Dipper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Poomann Steffan 8 / 10

Quite decent movie from Disney

OK, maybe wasn't the year movie but it's quite decent, it's much, too much better than cars 2 and for one instant i thought that it was a Pixar movie, okay, okay, maybe doesn't reach the quality from Pixar but Disney is improving in the stories and it left a very good taste. The scenes and animations are excellent and the story isn't only for kids, on the contrary it's quite decent for the adults, the characters feel like a real persons and its much better than the first movie. The only bad thing that i see is that Disney could improve the background of the leader copter or even change it, because Disney follow the same way since the cars story, one ace that teaches or trains for a bad past happening, maybe this doesn't bad but could be better. In summary it's an excellent movie from Disney and without songs, yeah!

Reviewed by MovieLord23 5 / 10

An OK sequel with some good action sequences

I haven't seen Planes as of writing this review. I understand it might be foolish of me to skip the first movie because the plot is just so complex (he he), but I happened to cross paths with it and watched it. I was expecting a terrible Cars ripoff like many reviews described the first movie and while I got a mediocre animated movie, I did get some genuine entertainment in it.

Good: I have to start by saying Dane Cook was not annoying here. He wasn't shouting and being smug, but his voice-over work actually brought some credibility to the story and made his character likable. The other characters that make up the firefighters were fun in parts. I was caught off guard how the fire sequences were handled well and brought some excitement to the movie with some scenes looking like something out of a disaster movie.

Bad: I can't shake off how it resembles Cars that it hurts the movie a lot. I know it takes place in the same universe, but it really is very similar. The jokes almost never work as they consist of just car puns that fall flat. The beginning of the movie just drags with these jokes.

Overall, it lacks anything resembling originality and the humor never works for most of it, but there is some excitement to be had here in the second half.

Reviewed by rannynm 8 / 10

Entertaining Film for Youngest Viewers

What a funny and entertaining film! I did not know what to expect, this is the fourth film in this vehicle's universe with the two Cars movies and then the first Planes movie. I was wondering if maybe Disney pushed it a little bit. However, Planes: Fire and Rescue is an entertaining film that is a fantastic sequel in this magical franchise.

The story isn't about just one topic. This is a little bit of humorous romance and also a lot of action. They make some pretty funny jokes while adding a little sprinkle of drama and a great message for the kids as well.

The story starts when Dusty sadly learns that a key component in him is broken and he thinks he will never race again. When a fire breaks out in his airport, they realize the town needs a second firefighter. Dusty steps up to the plate and goes into training. If you want to find out what happens and if he becomes a firefighter, you have got to watch the film.

What a great add-on to the series; the jokes are perfect. Julie Bowen (Lil' Dipper) is funny through the end. Also, there are a lot of great messages and a lot of references to things in real life. However, this film is very predictable. Ten minutes in, I knew the ending, so it probably would be more captivating for a younger audience. Also, Planes: Fire and Rescue is very similar to the last three films. There is a challenge, a serious character and some comedy. Other than that, the voices are well done and they even changed a Native American folk tale into the version of vehicles just for this film! Very clever!

My favorite scene is when Dusty first arrives at the firefighting station for his training. He is introduced to some Smoke Jumpers, cars that parachute into the fire to tackle fallen trees and save wildlife. One nearly takes off his head and the other two introduce themselves. Once they all get acquainted, the first fire breaks out and cars and planes all get into action in a well-choreographed manner!

This is a kid's film and nothing really is here that parents should be worried about. I recommend it for ages 3 to18. Even kids that don't understand it will enjoy the bright colors. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars for great jokes and a fantastic story line, even though a bit predictable.

Reviewed by Gerry O, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic. For more reviews by youth, go to kidsfirst dot org

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