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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aparihar824 10 / 10

Best Film Ever

Watched PK! It's by far the best film I have ever seen in my life. Aamir has given performance of his life.Best film of Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan's career. This film is once in a lifetime experience. This film is made with a lot of hard work which can be seen clearly.Aamir is a legend. Anushka has done wonderful work too. Sushant is brilliant in a small role..Also great act by Saurabh Shukla. each and everyone has done their work brilliantly..this film is father of 3idiots.This is a must watch film. message is very strong. this film makes u cry , laugh and force u to think. this is a brilliant film. once in a lifetime experience. I am going with full 10/10 with this film.

Reviewed by Ramneet Singh 10 / 10

It's literally, the best film of Aamir khan's carrier

PK is the biggest achievement of Aamir Khan's carrier and Raju Hiranis too. Aamir acting and expressions deserve an Oscar. The film has everything. Emotion, Drama, Comedy, Message which literally means perfection. PK was the toughest character for not just Aamir Khan but, for anyone in the Bollywood industry. Not only Aamir, but Anushka Sharma and Sanjay Dutt did a very good job of their character which I think no one could have done. Sushant Rajput also did a fine job of his character.Like everything in this film is perfect. I insist you to go and enjoy the film because it's like a word of mouth movie. PK is like a father of 3 idiots.

Reviewed by K Gopal Krishna 10 / 10

Hirani takes innovation and creative thinking to a different level

While entering the theater, I was excited and so were many people in my vicinity. Being a Rajkumar Hirani flick, one can hardly expect disappointing but you never really know. After 3 idiots in 2009, it took Hirani a hiatus of five years to come up with PK. But does this deliver enough to live up to its promise? Well, I feel proud to say this, Hirani has not let us down. Aamir Khan this time in PK has left no stone unturned and has put in his best for his role. From his physique to his language, the actor is simply brilliant. Indulging himself in a role of an innocent outsider(the role which suits Aamir perfectly), he speaks more with his expressions than any of the actors do with their words. With Aamir on the frontier, it is hardly fair game for the remnant of the crew to show their finesse. Quite to the contrary, Anushka plays an adequately important role in doing her best to ameliorate the humour. Sanjay Dutt who appears in parts is also fabulous. Now, the screenplay. Magnificent. Every dialogue and the successive is written, furnished and polished with extreme care and prowess. Music by Ankit Tiwari does not differ from the director's previous movies, they are quite decent and go hand in hand with the plot. I went to the theater excited and came out learning something. PK is a movie which entertains you every minute with its creativity in successfully creating an atmosphere of humour and exuberance. PK is out to provoke but not to shock. The film asks questions via its idiot savant protagonist, but does not attempt to deliver facile, absolute answers. And that makes it all the more effective. PK is an adventure which will make you laugh heartily, make you feel heart rended and make you learn to let go, simultaneously promulgating a message. PK is something i would describe, as an emotional roller-coaster. PK is an experience of a life time.

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