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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 13%
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Christopher Lloyd as Mr. Goodman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robert haynes 1 / 10

Lowest common denominator garbage

This has to be the absolute nadir of genre film-making. A 20 million dollar budget to produce this crap, ten decent low budget features could have been produced for the same price.

Performances that range from embarrassing to "oh my god what was that?" Visual effects that set the digital revolution back about ten years. Some of the worst one liners in the recent history of cinema and a silly extended but unfunny cameo from the Hoff himself.

All this negative criticism is coming from someone who rated the first one an eight, but the director here seems to have fallen asleep in his chair and forgotten to pen a halfway decent script. A handful of pre-pubescent boys out there may find the barrage of boobs enough to sustain its scant 80 odd minutes - I didn't! Utter garbage!

Reviewed by Lucas Baker 2 / 10


Wow. Just wow. Let me note that I enjoyed the first Piranha, and went into this movie with an open mind (despite horrible reviews). What a absolutely HORRIBLE sequel. The time around, the directors have obviously run out of ideas. It was a sequel to a movie that didn't need a sequel. You can only get about 1 good movie from a concept as simple as piranhas, and that's all but clear, seeing as this movie sucked. First of all, this movie is disgusting. You see a fat mans bloody ass, the tip of a severed penis, gore galore (and not the good kind...the bad overly bloody fake looking kind), and a piranha that swam up a girls v- a-g. At points you could tell the piranha's were puppets, and the puns were cheesy one liners at best. The whole film made me nauseous, and the deaths of several people were fake as fake can be. A guy gets decapitated from a yellow flag ribbon...yah...that's right...a guy's head gets severed (though the neck bone and all), by a piece of plastic that is soft, stretchy, only about 1 nano-meter thick, and not even sharp. There is also a guy who gets skewered through the eye, because of an explosion that caused a trident to have impeccable aim falling from the sky. Also, one of the main characters has enough aim to skewer a bag of chips and a piranha perfectly from a good 20 feet away, which begs the question of how he is a lifeguard. The whole film makes no sense, with a girl who has a seizure while having sex (due to a piranha inside her)only to come back to life once a guy severs his pen!s, and the kick- butt black man from the first movie has a shot gun leg. And finally, the ending sucked to an extreme. The piranhas have now begun to walk (or really hop), at the end, only to cut off the entire head of a really nice innocent kid, just for a cheesy one liner that wasn't even funny. In short, this movie is complete an utter crap. Avoid watching (unless you like stupid, gross, and fake movies).

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