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Raoul Trujillo as Mr. Gray
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Bruce Davison as Senator Donald Harrison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by realtybytes-1 1 / 10

Great actors,sadly wasted

I disagree with the reviewers who called this movie "pure Christian propaganda." There was nothing remotely Christian-like in this piece of narcissistic fantasy. Generally I love Christian movies, even when the production quality is slightly below par. But this one was just awful.

Badly written (or edited), the script was extremely disjointed, and defied all logic as it jumped from scene to scene with no way to interpret what was happening. And the worst: if viewed by non-Christians, the message is one of extreme intolerance. Totally incongruous with the Christian values shared by millions.

This movie deserved a zero rating, but the lowest rating available was one.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10

Through Alice's Looking Glass

I came thoroughly prepared to trash Persecuted and I was not disappointed. This film which is being hawked as the fundamentalist world view or at least American view is like watching this country through Alice's Looking Glass.

In the not too distant future an ambitious Senator played by Bruce Davison has it in mind to create something called an all faiths bill where folks from a different faiths will be required to recognize each other's diversity and not say anything bad about each other.

Standing in the way of things is leading evangelical James Remar who insists on the biblical promise that Jesus is THE only way to God's forgiveness. When Davison tries to get him on board Remar who comes off in this like a poor man's Harrison Ford gives a resounding 'no'. After that he's framed for murder and he's running like Richard Kimble, but he fights back as best he can.

As if we haven't had enough religious figures in scandal. Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker, Bishop Eddie Long to name a few. I sincerely doubt anyone would have to frame someone. But he's set up beautifully with a young teenage girl who later winds up dead and there's video to prove it. Not to mention all the priests who've been caught playing slap and tickle with altar boys.

If there's anything wrong with this old world today it's too many people insisting their religion is the only way. I'm sure there are similar passages in all religious scripture saying their's is the only true faith.

Interesting also that Persecuted came out at a time when five Catholic men ruled that a fundamentalist employer called Hobby Lobby has a religious exemption female employees can't get contraception. We've also seen the state of Mississippi pass a law codifying that businesses with owners who have sincere religious beliefs about gays doesn't have to deal with them. An anti-gay rights legal firewall before any gay rights laws are passed.

Of course Christians are indeed Persecuted in many places on the globe, most notably in Sudan. But the slaughter of non-Moslems in that country is somehow the equivalent of some employer wanting to not deal with openly gay people or heaven forfend the idea of LGBTQ people having some kind of rights including marriage.

But there will be an audience out there for Persecuted who think this is the wave of the future.

Well boys and girls you're just going to have to get used to the idea that everyone who thinks as you do are not the only ones who have some rights on this old world.

Persecuted is one arrogant movie in its concept and execution.

Reviewed by drjgardner 3 / 10

Not ready for prime time

Personally I'm unaware that Christians are being persecuted in the U.S., so if you are and this is an important issue to you, you'll probably see the film in a different light. It seems to me that most of the televangelists who have been exposed for sexual and financial mis-deeds (Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker) were actually guilty of these mis-deeds, but I'm also skeptical about the justice system and I like a good conspiracy film.

Putting aside the basic theme of the film, and looking at it only as a movie, the film is certainly not big screen worthy. The plot moves so slowly you'd think this was a French film. The actors are all first rate actors, but they must have been phoning it in for this film. James Remar is particularly disappointing, but perhaps I associate him too much with films like "The Warriors", "48 Hrs", and "Cotton Club". The plot is also a little silly, and there are so many plot flaws you keep asking yourself questions like "Why didn't he make a copy of the video?"

Daniel Lusko, the writer/director says he was inspired by the "Holy Spirit" and that seems evident. It's a film that speaks more of inspiration than aspiration or perspiration. Many of the people involved in the film are first timers, and for a first time production, the film is pretty good, but still not ready for prime time.

The film was originally screened at the National Religious Broadcasters convention and again at the Conservative Political Action conference. These seem to be appropriate venues for the film. But the big screen – no.

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