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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
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Nicolas Cage as Mike Lawford
Stephen McHattie as Blind Man
Veronica Ferres as Hannah
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MikesIDhasbeentaken 4 / 10

How many Clichés can you put into one movie??

Lots, apparently, more bizarrely though, is how the unaware the movie seems to be about it, everything is here, witches - check, scary monster thing in black clock - check, scary possession of a main character - check, climatic scene where dad says to his child 'I got you' - check, 'there's something outside the window' jump scene - check, bring in a clairvoyant to sense out the house - check, Halloween - check, scary masks on children - check, ask random people about ghost legends who then describe the storyline of the movie as if reading from text - check... (legend has it that the portal shuts at 12pm... 'oh my, that's in two hours time!!)

it's almost embarrassing how many they try to squeeze in, completely randomly and unnecessary, It just ends up being weird, and the last scene? just thrown in for one last jump that's nothing to do with anything.

One scene that sums up this movie, is when cagey sees son on the bus, as a viewer that's watched ANY movie before, you know it's not his son on the bus, and you know your going to have to watch him run after the bus, for a couple of minutes, dodging traffic blah blah blah and finally getting on the bus and seeing the boys not there while everyone on the bus looks at him oddly... (why were there two empty seats on a bus that had like 30 ppl crammed and standing?) And the whole movie plays to these types of rules.

Stupid film, cliché ridden, random jump scenes, no plot, utter rubbish, nic cage doing what he does best and looking confused for the whole movie, but... i do like that kind of stuff, so for me wasn't a complete waste of time.

Reviewed by clintmercieca-1 4 / 10

Whatever happened to Nic Cage...

Back in the 90's, Nicolas Cage was one of my favorite actors. The Rock, Con Air, Face/Off, Leaving Las Vegas. Now, I just can't understand what he's doing. This has got to be one of his worst movies I have ever seen. I gave it 4 stars as the acting is OK. I enjoyed The Wicker Man much more than this! I don't know which was worse, this or The Runner. The last Nic Cage movie I enjoyed was Dying Of The Light which was quite good.

I wish Nic Cage steps back up to what he does best because the truth is he's not a bad actor.

Not worth the watch.

Reviewed by angiris 6 / 10

Enjoyable ghost film with Nic Cage. Whats not to love.

6 out of 10. A damn good film. Now that we got my own personal score out the way...

Its an entertaining, well made horror film for people who enjoy Cage's performance and for lovers of standard horror flicks with ghosts, jump- scares and more of that kinda stuff.

I think people are overthinking this WAY too much and just getting used to hate on Cage's flicks.

Come on. This is not a masterpiece. Nor is it supposed to be. Its just a horror film that people can sit down and enjoy. Im unsure about replay value but its definitely worth a watch if you like this genre. The acting is good. Story is decent. Looks and otherwise visuals of the film are good too.

The strange thing is that this film is supposed to be a thriller... even though we're dealing with the supernatural. But yes :) Im liking it regardless.

There's not that much else to say, my dear readers.

Its just a decent film. Something to watch if you're in the mood for a stand-up horror/thriller flick or just wanna see Nick Cage star is a spooky flick.

Thats it, fellas. Don't over think it. Im not anyway and I think its a decent film.

But Im just a reviewer who looks for films that entertains me and has replay value above all.

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