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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bjjnedan 5 / 10

Nothing significant about this.

This is a spoof of all the different kind of ghost and scary sh*t we are all forced to endure now days. For what it was, Paranormal Movie wasn't horrible. Granted, I didn't expect much from this, never do from any spoof movie, but I don't know. This spoof had everything that is required to be a good spoof. Well..., almost everything. For a spoof, this wasn't all that funny. It had several parts that were suppose to be shockingly funny, but I don't know..., it just tried to hard. For almost every "funny," scene in this movie, I just found myself asking, "Why is this happening?" There was only 1 scene that got a genuine laugh outta me. Overall, this movie is a waste of time. Not a good waste of time but not really a bad waste of time either. Lemme put it this way, it's probably better than getting waterboarded, that's something.

Reviewed by sue nami 3 / 10

Sucked like a vietnamese hooker

A sh*t sandwich on stale bread. I wasn't expecting much from this movie, but still it managed to disappoint me. It was almost as tedious as the movies it was parodying. Towards the end, I had to resist the temptation to fast forward. The writing was unoriginal and more silly than funny. Some scenes seem to have been cut in at random, with no relation to the rest of the script. The B-list cameos served only to briefly distract from the bad script. The only thing paranormal about the movie was the notion that a guy like Farley could get a girlfriend as hot as Carly Craig. Speaking of Craig, I'm a big fan, but her performance was so monotone that it barely qualified as acting. She should have sharted all over this movie. It would have helped.

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