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Caitlyn Fletcher as Sarah Kimmick
Roberto Lombardi as Thomas Callan
Edward X. Young as Funeral Director
Jerry Ross as William Manning
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10

Superior slow burner combination of supernatural horror and tense thriller

Down on her luck Sara Kimmick (a sturdy and sympathetic performance by Caitlyn Fletcher) has to move into a rundown house owned by her senile Uncle Steven (a convincingly doddery portrayal by Samuel L.M. Cole) after her husband meets an untimely death. Pretty soon strange things begin to happen. Is the house haunted? Or is something more real and evil afoot?

Writer/director John Orrichio does an ace job of not only crafting a creepy and unsettling atmosphere, but also generates a substantial amount of suspense as well. The tricky and intricate narrative keeps the viewer guessing on how the multiple story lines will ultimately tie together at the end. The gradual pace casts a hypnotic spell. Moreover, this movie further benefits from two excellent indie actors bringing their considerable A game to the proceedings: Roberto Lombardi forcefully projects a truly terrifying blend of intensity and ferocity as ruthless and sadistic debt collector Thomas Callan while Edward X. Young cuts a deeply unnerving figure as a sleazy and sinister funeral home director. In addition, there are sound contributions from Jerry Ross as helpful psychic William Manning, Suzi Lorraine as Callan's cowed abused girlfriend Samantha Raymond, Linnea Sage as Sara's loyal gal pal Kelly Davis, and Christina Sampson as the hard-nosed Detective Robinson. Ira Goldberg's sharp cinematography boasts a few breathtaking aerial shots and provides an impressive polished look. Anthony Belluscio's shuddery score hits the spine-tingling spot. Well worth seeing.

Reviewed by DDPhilly 10 / 10

John Orrichio's best film!

WOW!! Paranormal Captivity tells the story of Sarah. She loses her husband, her home and most of her money. That forces her to move in with her creepy old Uncle. A psychotic debt collector is after her and she's being stalked. Is it by ghosts or a crazy funeral director?

There are three story lines in Paranormal Captivity that are all related to the unfortunate Sarah (Caitlyn Fletcher). Sarah and Thomas the debt collector (Roberto Lombardi), Sarah and the funeral director (Edward X. Young) and Sarah and the ghosts/Uncle Steven (Samuel L.M. Cole).

The three stories seem unrelated, but intersect at the end of the film where there is a big plot twist and reveal! It's all very well thought out and leads the viewer in one direction only to take a left turn at the end! Great stuff!

Other notable performances are Jason Vail as Gary, Suzi Lorraine as Samantha, Linnea Sage as Kelly and Jerry Ross as William. Each of these supporting characters drive the story along and add to the lead characters.

The ghost effects are done really well and the makeup and blood effects are all practical. No CGI!

Highly recommended!

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