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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John 10 / 10

Heartwarmingly sublime

Just finished watching Paper Man and I wanted to express what a great film I think this is. From beginning to end the movie is touching and full of sublime humor. Sometimes happy, and sometimes sad, the emotional weight leaves you feeling for all of the characters. Jeff and Emma turn in fantastic performances and Ryan's presence brought a smile to all of his scenes. Anyone who has ever felt a bit lost in life will instantly connect with this film, it is inspiring and reminds us that great movies can still be about the little things and characters in all of us. For a debut film, the directors are off to a great start, we need movies like this to remind us that film can still be an art, and does not always have to be about CGI blowouts.

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 7 / 10

Quite amazing.

Alright, well I sat down to watch this movie without having a single clue as to what it was all about. I hadn't read anything about it, heard anything about it, or even googled it. I just sat down and watched it. I had expected it to be in the comedy corner, but it sort of isn't a comedy at all. Nor would I say it is a classic drama, but more of a movie about growing as people and coming to terms with whom and what you are.

The story in "Paper Man" is very warm, heartfelt and straight forward. It moves forward in a good pace, and you are never left bored throughout the course of the movie. Now, the movie is obviously kept afloat by the superb acting performances of Jeff Daniels and Emma Stone. I think this is one of the best roles I have ever had the pleasure of seeing Jeff Daniels in. Not saying that his previous work is bad, just that this is outstanding. And Emma Stone worked so well opposite Daniels in her role, despite being that much younger than Daniels.

The role of Ryan Reynolds, well it was essential to the movie, although I think it would have worked better with an unknown actor for that role. But still, Reynolds is not a bad actor, but he didn't really shine through in this role, at least not for me. Lisa Kudrow performed adequately as well, although it did seem like her character didn't come off as strong on the screen as it was intended.

You might think a movie like this would be for a female audience, but I found it to be very nice, as a guy. The story is captivating and the performances are good. The story is not at any point too sassy, and at the end of the movie, you come to appreciate the movie for what it is. A unique piece of cinema about how people grow.

This is definitely not a movie you should let pass you by. Do yourself the favor and sit down to watch it (with or without your significant other). This is a very, very nice movie.

Reviewed by TheNorwegianRocker 8 / 10

A heartwarming, pleasant surprise!

Richard Dunn (Jeff Daniels) is an abortive writer in his 40's. He is unhappily married to Claire (Lisa Kudrow), who spends most of the time away from their home because of work, causing Richard to be left alone, feeling lost and lonely and that he has no purpose in life. He has a really annoying fictional friend in superhero Captain Excellent (Ryan Reynolds), who dictates his life and who always tells him what to do, and has done so since Richard was a teenager.

When Richard impulsively decides to hire a babysitter (even though he and Claire doesn't have any kids), he meets teenager Abby (Emma Stone), who it turns out is struggling with many of the same problems as himself, as she is friendless and an only child, and also have this imaginary friend (Kieran Culkin) who tries to control her. But as they grow an unlikely and close friendship, they also find hope to get their lives on track. Through laughter, deep conversations, and exchanging of fantasies, they change their lives for both good and bad.

I hesitated when I saw this movie in the local store while I looked on its cover. It said "Paper Man" with a huge picture of Ryan Reynolds in stupid tights and small pictures of Lisa Kudrow, Emma Stone and Jeff Daniels surrounding it. It took a lot of strength for me to pick up the cover at all...

And while they are on with that stupid cover - on the back it said "Jeff Bridges" instead of "Jeff Daniels". I thought: Not very professionally made. And by the way - the first picture on the back shows Daniels riding a grandma's bike. But then again, I am a sucker for friendship stories (which I could barely learn it was from the small synopsis on the back), and I also like Jeff Daniels and Ryan Reynolds - and also Emma Stone - a lot from earlier work. So if these actors agreed to involve, it could not be THAT bad. Ergo, I gave it a chance.

And what a surprise this movie turned out to be! In fact, I was blown away. I got to see a heart warming, intellectual story with great dialog and (for once) REAL emotions flashing out of the screen. The manuscript is the best I've seen in a very long time, and I hope it's not long until these Mulroney's does something new. And the thing about Daniels riding a grandma's bike - that turned out to be one of the film's main trademarks, in a good way.

Jeff Daniels is fantastic as the depressed and lonely, unhappy married man chasing inspiration and answers, whether it is regarding his new book (which he struggles to write, to use an understatement) and his life in general, but who finds hope when he meets Stones character. This is something I, to be honest, can (partly) relate to from my own life experiences, which probably is part of why I liked this as much as I did. Regardless, Daniels was at his very best in this movie.

So, he needs a little push in the right direction. Enter Emma Stone, who plays his female contrast. She is very vulnerable, has no real friends, but a very unsympathetic boyfriend. She is also charming and splendid, and Stone played her role tendering and with such great intensity. Her chemistry with Daniels was surprisingly good, despite the age difference between the two. Stone without doubt did her best performance this far - including the highly overrated "Easy A".

Ryan Reynolds... Well, he is Ryan Reynolds. With his superb comedic presence and, I have to say, boyish charm, he delivers line after line with such timing that you just have to laugh, no matter how stupid some of the jokes are in reality. In other words - he is fantastic and amazingly funny as Daniels' imaginary friend. And the former child star Kieran Culkin as Stones imaginary ditto is about to become an actor of his own, and was a breath of fresh air. The only complain I have is Lisa Kudrow's character, who was dramaturgically necessary, but poorly written. I never quite felt the frustration she must have had with Richard.

I could really not see this coming, but there is nothing like pleasant surprises. And this was definitely one of them. This is the best "dramedy" I've seen since Garden State, and illustrates the importance of having friends you can trust in tough times, and to have a soulmate in your life who just understands you no matter what. I give it a solid 8/10, and it definitely deserves more acknowledgment in my opinion.

(And I also found out: Never judge a movie by its cover...)

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