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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 46%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 91%
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Rachel Nichols as Lauren
Missi Pyle as Denise
Alfie Allen as Wheeler
Mekhi Phifer as Gunner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jonnithomas 1 / 10

I'm trying really hard to think of a worse film and I can't

I am very much a scifi fan and don't mind the odd horror movie. However they do need to have some form of story and dialogue.

This film has a story that I can describe fully in three sentences. It has little dialogue and the acting is, putting it mildly, wooden.

so I will write this without any spoilers because there is nothing to spoil. it's a cheap, badly written, badly acted and badly produced film attempting to piggyback the success of things like the walking dead.

It really is an insult to any potential audience and I would suggest that it would be a total waste of time to watch it.

As a review has to be 10 lines I will simply say in summary that this film could be condensed into 10 minutes and you wouldn't lose anything from it.

Reviewed by adeel-76779 2 / 10

First person shooter stupidity

There is no good plot to this movie. In addition to that, the First person shooter camera is really irritating in movies.. (you hear me movie makers?)

It looked like the director was just trying to make use of every possible content in a short time, so nothing was well executed.

It was panic everywhere and none of the character seemed to be doing its job properly (acting was good, talking about characters here). Though it had been long time the virus had started, they should have gotten bit used to it, but it didn't seemed like it. They were making every false call possible e.g. when any person gets out of the bus in middle of a town full of infected people, you close the damn door and wait for that person to come back. Instead they decided to keep it open and wait.. knowing none of them knows firing a gun properly.

Save your time and don't watch it. You will get aggravated on character's stupidity and wont be able to enjoy movie anyway.

Thanks for reading.

Reviewed by niutta-enrico 5 / 10

Pandemic: not recommended unless you have a really broad interest in film making.

If you are looking for an enjoyable zombie movie I would never recommend you this title: poor locations, poorer costumes, awful effects, unrealistic fighting and repetitive framing take away all the fun from watching.

If your interest in movies goes beyond normal, on the other hand, you could probably get interested in this film: besides the lovely Rachel Nichols, always pretty, and the convincing Alfie Allen (Theon Greyjoy from 'Games of Thrones'), there is a somehow original post-apocalyptic world and a coherent script.

In other words, even though the film is bad, there is talent in Mr. Suits (Producer and Director) and in Mr. Benson (Writer) and I'll be glad to watch their future works.

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