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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by James Farmer 2 / 10

A really pointless and poor sequel

Outpost, the original was watchable and a good honest, original idea.

This incarnation, the sequel is a botched attempt at something, not sure what, maybe the actors got together to make a type of CV of their skills (which is pretty low judging by this) The acting, the accents and the plot are dire.

Furthermore, the story jumps and flits about like a grasshopper in mid summer and the only aim is to reach the end of the movie with room for a sequel….Oh dear.

No connection between events and the lunacy of the idea to make a sequel is plain to see.

Then, consider the special effects; I reckon a group of students clubbed together and chipped in £50 a piece to make a pseudo CV of their talents; amounting to about 0.5 / 10 Someone, somewhere must have stumped up hard cash for this drivel and I can only question their sanity for doing so.

I will soon be viewing the 3rd installment…

Reviewed by martin-busek 7 / 10

Not bad at all

This is my first review on IMDb and it will be very quick. All I wanted to say is that I have seen original Outpost movie couple of years ago and it was "ok" thriller/horror flick and I didn't really expect any more films, to be following. Well I was wrong and I decided to give it a go too. With low-average expectations... And to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised. From the first two minutes of camera/lighting quality, acting, etc... I knew, that there is something good happening there and now, I'm really happy I didn't pass. It's better than first Outpost and it's definitely better than lots of HIGH budget cinema flicks. I would recommend this film to any thriller/horror fan! Enjoy!

Reviewed by christiancraughwell 2 / 10

Derivative and Uninspired

As the summary indicates this sequel was derivative completely uninspired. Outpost 1 was a well crafted low budget horror with suspense, atmosphere and somewhat likable characters. Although the original was a B movie, it had aspirations to be much more than that - and on occasion it achieved greatness. It was like watching a young John Carpenter at the height of his powers.

The sequel was a bad idea. Shabby acting forgiven, we find ourselves in the same locations doing pretty much the same thing as the first film. The same bunker set is utilised - although this time we find a 'secret elevator' to a new chamber.

The scenery of 'Eastern Europe' was clearly filmed in the UK, they got away with this before, but this time it's very obvious.

The director tries to give a sense of a larger scale - with a nazi zombies apocalypse looming. The American Army have been sent to dispatch with the problem, however the budget doesn't really allow for such spectacle and it looks more like a 'sci fi channel presents' affair.

I was saddened by this movie as the director showed such promise from his efforts in the first film. What we have here is lazy and unimaginative. What's needed is a whole new movie concept - not a sequel.

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