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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blue-7 10 / 10

A Uplifting Family Film To Experience

I had the opportunity to catch this film as it was still be fine tuned at the LDS Film Festival in early March of 2015. It was being screened just prior to a session in which a film that I had made was being screened. I'm always interested in seeing what other LDS filmmakers are doing and this one (which at the time didn't have a final title selected yet) sounded like fun. "Once I Was a Beehive" turned out to be one of the highlights of the festival -- a delight from start to finish. I laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed the film from start to finish. McAllen Nelson, who directed and wrote the screenplay, has done a wonderful job of taking the viewer into a world of young women learning to value who they really are. The young players, headed by Paris Warner as a non-Mormon who has lost her father to cancer and finds herself at the girls camp when her mother remarries a Mormon man, are all very warm and believable. Special mention must be given to character actress Barta Heiner (who was so wonderful as the senior teacher in "The Cokeville Miracle") who lights up the screen every moment that she appears. Everything about this film works from the directing, fine script, excellent cinematography and the catchy score. I rank this as one the best films that a family could enjoy together. It's worth seeing in the theatre (if you have a chance with its limited release) and certainly purchasing on a Blu-ray or DVD. Did I say that it was for all ages? I was 76 when I saw it and went through at least six hankies!

Reviewed by Phoebe Hall 9 / 10


I went with my 14 and 17 year old daughters, who, by the way, had just returned from camp. We all laughed and laughed. Not sure if guys will find the movie as funny because there are so many inside jokes related to the LDS girls' camp experience. The script includes inserting all the stereotypical personalities in a group of teen girls without being too cheesy. I felt like they captured the real dynamic of a disjointed youth group. The actors were all well chosen. Favorite line "And it's not true that there are no 'mean girls' in Young Women." What I liked the most about the movie was that the ending wasn't perfect. It didn't neatly try to solve the problem and wrap it up with a bow. I felt like the script handled the issues very realistically.

Reviewed by charlieliddle 5 / 10

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Once I Was a Beehive is a pretty bad movie. It is an independent film, but it still didn't really deliver. I can see how someone might enjoy it, but from a film critic's standpoint that really appreciates well made films and is bothered by filmmaking flaws, the movie isn't that good. I'll admit, I did laugh out loud a few times. There are a few pretty good jokes in the movie, but most of them fall flat. Another thing I do like is some of the emotion that is shown throughout. Other than that, the writing and acting is very weak. I found a lot of the actors to be annoying, but the best actor in the film is probably Mila Smith, who played Phoebe. There are also a lot of plot points that were predictable. If you're a young woman who is Mormon and has been to Girls Camp, then you might like the movie. Otherwise, do something valuable with your time.

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