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Alan Tudyk as Bradley Slater
Sarah Snook as Emily Marsh
Terry Camilleri as Judge Burns
Shane Jacobson as Swampy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by aligraham-35973 10 / 10

Cute Movie

Oddball is very well-written and will keep you engaged throughout! The film has moments of tears and moments of laughter as our hearts all unite to despise the villain and love the hero. Adults and children alike will enjoy this production, and more than likely will identify with one of its diverse lineup of characters who each did a fantastic job portraying their role in the film. Swampy is the widow of a wildlife sanctuary manager and has a daughter, Emily, who is trying deeply to continue her mother's legacy on the Middle Island penguin sanctuary. Her daughter and Swampy's granddaughter, Olivia, is a too cute proponent of saving the penguins and has a sense of vision and optimism that only a child can render. Her and Swampy's beloved dog, Oddball, is the star of her plan. The town's mayor, judge, and city council all play into the roller coaster of events that try to sabotage the preservation of the sanctuary, which has an unlikely villain working to destroy it's existence, and the feel-good outcome.

Reviewed by tricorne-u8 1 / 10

A great concept completely ruined by yet more lazy Australiana.

The precept for this story was brilliant, the casting was predictable but the direction was just woefully short of the mark.

This simple little story about a dog rescuing the day, became entwined in an impossibly unbelievable romance, all for the sake of an unlikeable single mum and her implausible relationship with a US Event Manager!? And somewhere at the end, an unknown hero presents himself inebriated but utterly devoid of any character or plot development as the not very well developed heroine's final love interest.

All this at the expense of her daughter, a canine hero, an endangered species and a pathetic portrayal of an eccentric chicken farmer; (no offense Shane).

Well, this is what happens when Australian government officers get involved in making feature films! Everything is about Tourism, isn't it?

Reviewed by eddie_baggins 6 / 10

A cute and cuddly family yarn

A lovable based on a true story family movie that's partly filmed in one of the worlds most naturally beautiful locations and most livable cities (no bias here at all) in the form of regional Australian city Warrnambool, Oddball is a film that's enjoyable for the young and young at heart and one of the better Australian feel good stories in some time.

A huge success at the local Australian box office in the later half of 2015, and in particular in the town of Warrnambool where Oddball played at the local cinema for 3 months, Oddball's the type of film even the biggest of movie grouches will have fun with despite its slight narrative and overacting from a talented cast.

A dramatization of eccentric chicken farmer and genuine "oddball" Alan 'swampy' Marsh, Oddball sees one of Australia's great larrikin characters Shane Jacobson inhabit the overalls of the great bearded man who developed the ingenious idea of using Maremma sheep dogs to protect a local fairy penguin colony that had been decimated by pesky foxes.

It's a unique scenario but not one that exactly makes for thrilling viewing and Oddball's major struggles come from trying to draw dramatic tension from a simple idea that just doesn't have the cinematic qualities of other such true tales. Well respected actors Sarah Snook (breakout star of Predestination), Alan Tudyk and even Australian comedy legend Frank Woodley all feel a little lost with some pretty lame supporting characters.

Oddball flys on the back of Jacobson's work, young actress Coco Jack Gillies likability, the great locations and of course the lovable animals that make penguins and fluffy dogs even more adorable than one would've thought possible.

A film that's appropriate for all ages and a tale that has appeal for animal lovers the world over, Oddball is a slight yet wholeheartedly enjoyable Australian film that's likely to become a new favourite of the youngest members of the family and an Australian film that holds a more universal appeal than the average homegrown movie.

3 Great Ocean Road shots out of 5

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