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Brad Pitt as Rusty Ryan
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Reviewed by goodale69 5 / 10


Great actors, beautiful European scenery, funny lines, witty banter, nice camera work, what could go wrong? ... The plot. When I saw that 27% of the people gave this movie a 10 rating, I wondered if I was the slow one. Then I read the reviews.

When most of the stars started appearing on talk shows, trying to convey the buddy buddy tomfoolery that went on behind the scenes, I kind of sensed that damage control was underway. There was a moment in this movie where a few of the actors were sitting at a table talking complete gibberish, and it was later joked that they pulled a "lost in translation". I guess the joke was on me the viewer.

What rolled along as a pretty good movie slowly gathering steam, stalled into chaotic incomprehensive mess. If you loved the first movie because it developed into a brilliantly masterminded theft with many twists, you be left with the empty feeling that the only thing that was lifted in this movie; was your money for the admission ticket.

It is too late for me now, but you still have a chance.

Reviewed by patrickjw 5 / 10


Simply put, this is a boring movie. The strength of Ocean's 11 was that it started at point A and it ended at point B, and it did so in a convincing and entertaining matter and threw in a believable plot twist at the end. It was very simply and straightforward.

Ocean's 12 is nothing like this. The film is in desperate need of a better editor, as it is so bloated and ponderous that towards the middle of the film, if you've even managed to keep track of who's stealing what from whom and why they're doing it, you won't even care any more. You'll just be begging for the ending.

The film is filled with bizarre camera angles, such as a shot of an incoming airplane that for some inconceivable reason is filmed sideways. There are also some VERY bizarre scenes, such as a scene where Julia Robert's character has to pretend to be Julia Roberts, and a thief break-dances through lasers.

However, the biggest flaw of the movie is the absence of a good heist scene. The heist in Ocean's 11 was masterful, and there is nothing in this film that even comes close. I didn't go to see this movie to watch a cop get reunited with her father who happens to be a master thief, I went to see a team of funny people go up against the odds to steal a lot of money.

Bottom line: You will hate this movie. Don't waste your money on it.

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