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Bernard Hill as John Claridge
Charlotte Hope as Willow Clarke
Steven Berkoff as Vic Clarke
Greta Scacchi as Mrs. Singer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Sandro Krinin 10 / 10

Not "The Godfather" but a Solid Gangster film just the same

This is a solid and complex Gangster film, complete with subplots, plausible plot twists, memorable characters, exciting, original and often shockingly violent sequences, fine cinematography and acting. The one criticism from the other reviews--which, by the way, I could hardly comprehend for the intensity of their negativity--that does ring somewhat true is that I'd have liked some of the characters to be more developed--but after all this is testimony to the film's intriguing and original plot, compelling characters, and the fine(for the most part) portrayals by the excellent cast. This is definitely the kind of rich film that has so much going on that one needs to see it at least twice to appreciate it for the cinematic achievement it is.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 4 / 10

Plenty of flashy gestures and posturing without any depth.

From the first scene the movie throws a bunch of gangster antics with strangely abrupt moments of general shootouts. It's hectic to say the least, and while there might be one or two developments that work decently, the majority is convoluted banters. There's simply too much bravado and subplots to create any solid connection to the characters.

Like the title suggests, this is a story of two gangs vying for dominance. It has a lot of embellished characters shouting profanities and some betrayal schemes or whatnot. The issue with this cumbersome build-up is they are posing for what seems to a promo of wrestling events, for so many of the pressures feel overly theatrical. They large cast doesn't help either since they are divided by the typical brutish enforcer or old godfather role.

Many of them will not be memorable, in exception for a couple of the subplots, even those are rather conspicuous and forced. Its crime thriller aspect simply done in excess and honestly not that engaging, however if one comes for action there might be something here. It delivers occasional shootouts and fights, although the choreography is passable at best.

For all for the machismo displayed, the movie feels uninteresting and superficial.

Reviewed by valleyjohn 4 / 10

Not the worst straight to DVD British gangster flick

I normally avoid these straight to DVD British gangster movies because they are generally crap. This one took my eye because it had a half decent cast with actors such as Bernard Hill , Steven Berkoff and Keith Allen and while this isn't as bad as most of the usual rubbish , even these actors , despite giving solid performances , can't make this a film that I can really recommend. The story is about two rival gangs from either ends of the country who are tying to and a feud but behind the scenes there is a romance that will never be tolerated , especially when one gang member is hell bent on destruction. I enjoyed the first half hour , especially the performance of Brad Moore but the film soon falls apart when the story seems to go pear shaped and in the end I didn't really care what happened to anyone

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