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Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone
David Oyelowo as Clifton Henderson
Mike Epps as Richard Pryor
Ella Thomas as Lorraine Hansberry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by atotheron77 1 / 10

An injustice to Nina Simone's legacy

Everything you wouldn't want to see in a film about Nina Simone. While Zoe Saldana might get a C+ for effort, one wonders if there were any mirrors anywhere on set or if she figured CGI would fix her appearance; although, the problems with this abysmal film are greater than Zoe's horrific makeup. The story is disjointed and focuses on absolutely arbitrary parts of Nina's life. There is no depth or realness to Cynthia Mort's vision of Nina and - considering the subject matter - that's an injustice. It could be considered an accomplishment that Mort was able to create a film about Nina Simone that leaves the viewer feeling nothing at all. Perhaps the worst part of the film is how ugly they made Nina. While she might not have been what's considered conventionally pretty, Nina possessed an elegant beauty that was a powerful part of her performance. Nina Simone was a beautiful woman and to turn her into a creature from the blackface lagoon in a biopic is unforgivable.

Reviewed by Tiffany Johnson 8 / 10

Zoe did Excellent - Critics Too Harsh

Zoe Saldana did an excellent job, she did capture Nina's essence. Perhaps the story is fictional, and the nurse bit is quite a liberty, however, Zoe helps to bring Nina to a new generation. Her makeup is appropriate, it is not offensive. She gives a nuanced and fine performance. Sometimes it is nice to see a softer more human side of someone known in many ways as a "Militant Icon." Great job Zoe. We get to see hints of Nina's weakness in her dealings at the hospital and the human effects of having to be a strong presence during her trials and tribulations. For those who call Zoe's makeup ugly what is ugly about it? I think some of the fictional liberties are fun, I like the romantic soap opera version of Nina, moments of the lighter spirit and times. Nina is beautiful as is Zoe.

Reviewed by Mariana Pereira 4 / 10

I was not impressed by this film's portrayal of Nina's life, her music and her importance in history.

Nina Simone was a huge public figure in the black civil rights movement and one of the most popular jazz musicians of all time. She remains to this day very influential and unique. This film managed to capture none of it. It decides to focus entirely on her romantic relationship with her assistant during the last years of her life and - even though it does address her mental health issues and her problems with showbiz - it briefly skims over all the good and important influence she had over culture and music. Zoe Saldana may have been able to pull off her demeanour while in daily life, however her 'on stage' performances were underwhelming. I don't have a problem with her doing her own singing while impersonation an actual person, because a voice-over would probably not have worked well, however, Zoe's auto-tuned performance failed to capture the spirituality, strength and powerful presence that Nina had. Obviously, no one can be as good a Nina as Nina was, but if I didn't know who Nina Simone was before this movie, I certainly would not have cared about her afterwards. Overall, I was not impressed by this film's portrayal of Nina's life, her music and her importance in history. If you want a better portrayal of Nina, watch What Happened, Miss Simone (her documentary) or listen to her actual music.

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