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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scottyholroyd 2 / 10

Life After Beth...But bad.

It has always been us Americans that like to remake films, but this is an example of the Brits doing it, and doing it badly.

Maybe the filmmakers were just not aware of the excellent Life After Beth from 2014, and maybe it's just one of those occasions when two lots of people have similar ideas, but this film has just recently come out, so I'm not sure.

Whatever the reasons this film is pretty bad. It's mediocre in almost every respect, which makes it less entertaining than if it were truly bad.

The actors try their best and I commend them for that, but it's just not a good enough vehicle for them to shine. The directors, and I think I'm right when I say there are two, which explains a lot, seem muddled in their storytelling.

But my main argument is that this has been done before, quite recently, and better. So why bother?

I hope, and think that they will, go on to better things, but they need to learn from this film and see it for what it is before they move on.

I wouldn't recommend it. Just watch Life After Beth. (I have nothing to do with that film!)

Reviewed by filmbizarro 8 / 10

A bloody, twisted romance

"Nina Forever" has been talked about since it's screening at Fantasia International Film Festival this year, and rightfully so. It's a movie that is hard to categorize into only one genre but still feels complete and secure in its choices. If I were to put it in one genre, then it would be "romance", yet somewhere in this dark love triangle we find comedy, horror, drama, gore, eroticism and pure love. Our emotions are played with in "Nina Forever", and it's exciting to be part of from start to finish.

The movie follows Holly and Rob, a young couple who fell in love after meeting each other at work. Holly found herself fascinated that Rob had recently attempted suicide and decided to muster up the courage to talk to him. Rob doesn't tell her the reasons why, but after a night of passionate sex it is revealed to her that Rob lost his girlfriend in a car crash. Holly finds this out because his girlfriend, Nina, comes back to life while they are having sex. She continues to torment the couple every time they have sex.

The wonderful thing about this kooky concept is that we have no distinct answers as to why Nina returns, but it never makes us question it. We feel involved but we don't let the mystery of Nina get in the way of what actually matters in the movie - the love story. This is not the first movie where a dead ex-girlfriend returns to life. In fact, there have been a few recently with Joe Dante's "Burying the Ex" and "Life After Beth". Both of those movies follow a recognizable formula, but "Nina Forever" is its own thing entirely. Nina doesn't come back as a zombie that the couple have to deal with and try to hide from people. Nina comes back as something else, more of a ghost, and only comes back during sex to make life harder for the couple.

Thanks to the comedy, which is not too crazy or out there, we can relate to this strange story and connect to it as a love drama rather than a horror movie. That doesn't mean that it isn't charged with several dark, twisted things. There are scenes that could be qualified as necrophilia, several scenes of graphic gore, and a whole lot of nudity and steaming hot sex scenes (always followed by a bloody mess in the bed as Nina makes her entrance). Luckily the movie remains hard to classify because it doesn't choose to focus on one thing specifically, and this leaving us with the wonderful movie that "Nina Forever" is.

Abigail Hardingham, Cian Barry and Fiona O'Shaughnessy make up the lead trio of actors and I am pretty sure that the Blaine guys would have had some problems on their hands if it weren't for these three. In a movie as odd as this it is important that all parts understand exactly what they are trying to achieve. These three lovely actors could not have had an easy time on their hands, trying to balance all of the important ingredients to make "Nina Forever" as lasting and engaging as it is. It could easily have slipped into the realms of bland or trying too hard, but it never does.

"Nina Forever" is one of the bloodier romances, but don't confuse that with being a horror movie. It shows several aspects of a horror movie, obviously, but there is a heavy focus on comedy, drama and romance as much as there is on blood and gore. It's a fresh take on several old genres and I can't help but think that this will be on many people's minds after they have seen it. Whether "Nina Forever" sounds like it would be up your alley or not, it is a movie that I highly recommend to all of our readers.

Reviewed by rooee 8 / 10

The ghost of our girl

This Frightfest 2015 favourite is the first gem of 2016. A British indie written and directed by Ben and Chris Blaine, it's a jet-black sex comedy about a dead young woman who comes back to life whenever her ex-boyfriend has sex. And he's having a lot of sex with his new girlfriend, Holly (Abigail Hardingham).

Avoiding potentially tiresome scenes of endless disbelief, the central couple accept the bizarre situation far more easily than their zombie. Indeed, Holly is actually turned on by the presence of Nina (Fiona O'Shaughnessy). The latter is in no mood for a ménage a trois, and proceeds to torment the new lovers. She's the embodiment of guilt.

Nina Forever doesn't go for scares. But neither does it go for the surreal. The grounded way in which it depicts its essential weirdness is one of its main appeals. It's reminiscent of the deadpan exchanges between David and his dead buddy in An American Werewolf in London – that's the tone.

Another key element is the characterisation. Holly and Rob (Cian Barry) are entirely convincing as the late-teenage lovers, swept up in their twisted, hermetically-sealed fantasy. And the Blaine brothers throw into the mix Nina's grieving parents, whose struggles to cope (dad's writing a terrible book; mum's trying to keep her daughter alive through Rob) are funny and moving.

The Blaines' control of the material is seriously impressive. Everyone knows comedy-horror is a virtually impossible balancing act, but they mostly nail it, lightening the darkness of the material without ever taking the camp way out. It is horrific and it is funny, which is all you can ask. The balance is achieved through an unholy trinity of sex, death, and love. There's something here about faithfulness. If you never had a chance in life to stop loving someone, how do you have consent to love another? Real thought has been put into the script, creating a uniquely involving genre-evading experience. Its central romance is as carefully rendered as its gore. Nina doesn't just mean different things to different people; she means different things to the same people over the course of the story. She plays a key part in the ending, where quiet revelation awaits.

And that's what this highly original film is: a quiet revelation.

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