Nim's Island


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Nim’s Island (2008) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
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Abigail Breslin as Nim Rusoe
Gerard Butler as Jack Rusoe / Alex Rover
Jodie Foster as Alexandra Rover
Morgan Griffin as Alice
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gcoast-1 8 / 10

A good one for the whole family... Very creative!

I went and saw this movie at the world premiere. I will start out by saying this... It is a very good for the whole family to enjoy.

Storyline: A girl and her father are on a remote island. They are the only ones who live their. The father is a research scientist who is interested in microscopic creatures. Nim, the daughter, is very much in touch with nature and enjoys reading the tales of Alex Rover, an adventurer. The author, Alexandra Rover, is agoraphobic and hasn't left her apartment in a very long time. Dad goes to sea, storm makes him stranded. Nim is stuck alone on the island and is contacted by Alexandra Rover, and calls for her help. Well, you will have to watch the rest to find out...

Pros: A great family movie. It has the perfect recipe of drama, comedy, suspense and a touch of romance. The acting is great. The scenery is beautiful. The special effects are magnificent. The story of a father and daughter living on a remote island is very creative and lends itself to a really great story, which is what this movie is.

Cons: Being a family movie, it is predictable. There are also plot elements which go no-where. One being there is a huge talk about Nim's mother at the beginning, but then it really doesn't go anywhere after that.

Summary: If you have kids, of any age, this is a good movie to go and see with them. If you don't have kids, but are looking for something different from the usual movies, this is still one to consider. All in all, a good story, well told and with great characters.

Reviewed by the-gossip-king 7 / 10

Great film

While on holidays I managed to see this movie and I was pleasantly surprised. I have never liked Breslin but she is at her best in this movie and Jodie Foster will always be the magnificent Jodie Foster. Gerard Butler was also very funny and had me cracking up which is something a family movie has not made me do in a while. The story is good and witty and the movie is very family friendly. I think older teens would be bored because although I enjoyed it the story was a bit predictable at times. Overall I was very happy with the movie and would recommend it first and foremost as a family movies. Kids will love it and adults will be thoughtful enough to enjoy it.

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