Night Train to Lisbon


Mystery / Romance / Thriller

Night Train to Lisbon (2013) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 12126  


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Mélanie Laurent as Young Estefania
Christopher Lee as Father Bartolomeu
Jeremy Irons as Raimund Gregorius
Charlotte Rampling as Older Adriana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by murraydickman 9 / 10

terrific movie

I just saw it this evening in Rome-- Well done--and although I was not familiar with the book--I will read it now.

The style of "movie within a movie" reminds one of Fowles "the French Lieutenants Wife" and Truffaut "Day for night" but MUCH better done than both of those.

Wonderful story of the randomness of life---and how that random event allowed three close friends during the dictatorship in Portugal to finally discover what had happened to each other. It took a stranger to complete --and resolve--the major event of their lives.

Jeremy Iron was as usual terrific---and reminded me of his role in House of the Spirits--in a similar political setting of the fascist times in Chile.

Deeply intense, dramatically fulfilling--it kept me on the edge of my seat.


Reviewed by Bhaskar Ghosh 9 / 10

Beautiful. Grand. You will start loving life and events that happen in it!

This European movie too, is so subtle in its depiction of life. It seems that I too flew with the story slowly in time, along with the professor, as he went from a boring uneventful life to embark on an adventure of his lifetime, in his old age. I find this peaceful story telling, not losing any of the minutest details, keeping the audience captivated, and doing all of this without the loudness and noisiness of current age mainstream movies, Hollywood and Bollywood included, great relief and source of utmost pleasure and relishment! Don't know why this is rated as low as 6 on IMDb. I would cherish this one as one of the best movies I have seen, along with Amelie and Life is Beautiful.

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