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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alexthewriter 6 / 10

Not the Best, but Not Too Bad Either

South African cinema may have a long way to go before it can churn out movies as good as District 9 on a regular basis, but I'm happy to see them step away from movies about apartheid and racism and try something different once in awhile. While I've seen scarier movies than Night Drive, I did think it delivered the goods enough times to make it worthwhile. The writing and dialogue won't win any Oscars, but it never seemed to get tripped up with anything too obvious and contrived. It was a bloody slasher flick that knew when to be scary and when to give us a breather.

The African bush offers a lot of potential for scary movies and I hope this is something filmmakers keep exploring. The juxtaposition of its daylight beauty with its nighttime dangers can take a good writer and director anywhere. Hopefully Night Drive is just a start with what can be done when filmmakers take advantage of what their own country offers them.

Reviewed by roberthaynes 2 / 10

The most offensive kind of horror film - one that bores you to death

Dreary, derivative mess of a movie that looks great but is so thin on content it's script must have been written on the back of a piece of toilet paper.

It's that bad - really. Performances range from appalling to OMFG what was that???!!! When I bought the DVD from Next Entertainment it was originally an incorrect printing on the disc - some dodgy religious music - I should have trusted fate and let my subconscious know it wasn't going to lose 100 overlong self-indulgent moments of it's life to some hackneyed amateurs that really don't know the first thing about horror.

Sorry if I sound harsh to any of the film-makers who may be scanning the pages of the IMDb for reviews of their "masterpiece" but seriously guys - watch a few more of the classics from the sixties and seventies, get some decent references in there and for God's sake hire a new scriptwriter.

I'm revealing nothing by saying there's a painfully obvious twist that you can see coming about ten minutes into the film.

The reason I'm being so harsh on this film is because the ad campaign was so damn good - it didn't live up to any of the hype. The worst mistake any horror film can make is to be boring.

Watch The Unforgiving for a much better, albeit not great, example of South African horror.

Reviewed by Jan Strydom 8 / 10

Very well made South African backwoods horror movie.

NIGHT DRIVE is one of two English language contributions to the horror genre from South African film makers and it was also refreshing to see a South African film that didn't revolve around Apartheid or racism and for the life of me I still don't know why there has to be so many films that are about Apartheid and racism, they're like a dozen remakes of one film about a subject that's been exploited up to a point where you need to tell script writers to find a new hobby.

Anyway I really enjoyed NIGHT DRIVE, it was very much along the lines of WRONG TURN and a not so well known but very good horror movie called BORDERLAND that revolved around three young people taking a trip to Mexico and becoming potential victims of a cult sacrificing people in their rituals and its based on true events.

However, like the negative comment on NIGHT DRIVE's IMDb web page stated this film is offensive, South African critics were divided in a way I never saw before but that is what a film of this genre has always done, there is also a golden rule a film maker needs to know, if you're afraid to offend people then don't make a film like this because that's exactly what it will do, this film will rub a few people the wrong way mainly because the plot revolves around poaching and black magic but what the film isn't is thin on plot, the characters are well developed even though they're not very likable some of the fates that befall most of the victims here are acts you wouldn't even wish on your worst enemy and that automatically makes you cheer for the protagonists, that's what this film does very well, it depicts killers that are just that evil.

The acting is good all around, its not as plastic as in South Africa's favorite soap opera called 7DE LAAN, the cast here really do a good job with the material.

Overall, fans of films like WRONG TURN and THE HILLS HAVE EYES should probably like this film, the gore effects are well done as well its not that digital crap its gore that's actually there and the acting is very good too and for a South African production it doesn't look cheap at all, it has great production values for a South African film.

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